It Starts

Hey everyone, so to keep myself anonymous in the blogosphere, you can know me as the Dark Horse.  This name suits me perfectly because Im always the last one that anyone expects to succeed.  

But, here I am.  Somehow still kicking and surviving.  

So, anyway, lets just get to what this blog is and about.  Im depressed.  In fact I’m horribly, horribly, depressed.  Im weak, I have panic attacks, I feel useless, I feel dead. I’m angry, sad, anxious, tired, jealous, pitiful, and lethargic.  All at the same time, all the time.  

You try living like this.

 I guarantee that a good majority of the world can’t even fathom what its like to live everyday feeling so hopeless and pointless.  But I also know there are others who.  There are others who need to know that they are not alone, just like I need to know that I’m not.  This blog is for you.  I want to give hope to myself and to others that we can overcome this and that even though others don’t know or care how much we hurt, I know, and I care.  

If there are ways to comment or to ask questions on here ill try to insert those things so this can be an open space for anyone who needs to talk or say anything

oh oh ! Before I forget.  the BIG reason for this blog is because I have HOPE.  I have hope that I can be happy and feel good about myself one day.  And I want you to have hope as well


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