I don’t want to go outside

So it is, for everyone else, a sunny, beautiful day.  Blue skies, warm weather, and puffy little clouds.  But to me, its hell.  I have just lost my drive and will to go on.   

When i go outside i feel so exposed.  all the elements.  the brightness, the noise, the people, the movement.  Its just too much for me.  I just want to stay in bed.  Getting up and going outside is just too much to handle right now.   It takes too much energy and I don’t have enough willpower.   

So its about 2pm on my day off and I’m inside.  Bored, tired, annoyed, and desperate for a change in my life.   

Can anyone else relate to this?  

I have so much drive, so much passion, and yet Im so weak.  Im so tired and dead inside.  I know there is a better world waiting for me somewhere, but where is it?  How do I find it? 

When will things get better? 


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