Some Inspiration: Otherwise known as the Anti-Craziness Shower

Ok, so for starters…. this blog has only had 3 views total! hahah!   Oh man…. ok blogosphere, I, The Dark Horse, am gonna keep writing this even if nobody reads itm because dammit, it makes me feel better! 


So I’m listening to Hairspray right now and its making me feel good, so this post will be all about making yourself feel good when you’re down!  

Without Love, Hairspray (2007) :


For Starters, play this.  It will make you feel good



this is what I do when I’m really really sad and I think it can help you as well.  Alright so the goal is to feel like shit and then to feel amazing and great after!

  1. Step one will be to close all the blinds in your room and masturbate.  Sounds crazy?  Well Im sorry, its just how it goes.  Jerking off (how would a girl say they beat off?  diddling? )  anyway, the point is to give yourself pure carnal pleasure but to also give yourself that “just cummed on” sense of pity and gross feeling
  2. now comes step 2!  Jump up! Open all the blinds up in your room and remember that there actually is a world still out there!  Life isn’t over.  In fact its never stopped!  
  3. now, walk to the bathroom and bring your iPod/CD player because, and this is very important, THE AINTI-CRAZINESS SHOWER REQUIRES FUN AND UPBEAT MUSIC! 
  4. in this step its time to shave.  Guys, shave your face, girls shave your legs or cooch or whatever… hell boys, shave your cooch too!  The point of shaving is to make you feel all crisp and clean and nice… to get you feeling more human again! 
  5. now put that music on!  Might I suggest Lose Myself by Lauren Hill?  or hell some Disney?  Under The Sea is always a winner! 
  6. grab your toothbrush.  you must brush your teeth in the shower.  this is another step in the whole clean body, clean mind thing.
  7. Get in shower. Brush Teeth, Use soap and clean!  Wash everywhere!   feet, hair, back!  EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!
  8. Now, the most important step.  DANCE!!  YES! YES YES!!!! DANCE BITCHES!   you stay in that fuckin’ shower and dance to the music for as long as you need to!  This is moment is about you!   
  9. Finally, when you get out (seriously, take AS MUCH time as you want in that shower.  There is no rush)  dry off, and look at yourself in the mirror and remember that you’re still alive. you made it through another day and that you should be happy! 

Ok, so thats what I do when I’m feeling super down….which is a lot these days!  Hope it helps!  


3 thoughts on “Some Inspiration: Otherwise known as the Anti-Craziness Shower

  1. Interesting….. shaving my legs regularly is one small thing I do – purely for myself – to fight depression. Seems odd, but it is a small act of kindness (one of very few I offer) to myself.

    1. Well off yourself a few more maybe? I know for me it’s getting pad thai and watching a movie I know will make me feel better. I don’t care if i know its gonna be cheesy and stupid. If it will make me smile, I’m all in!

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