Alone for Christmas

hey everyone… so the Dark horse is having a Dark Christmas.  

Im from Ohio and this is my first Christmas away from home.. and it is my first warm Christmas….. which is weird and quite awful.  

So I’m used to Christmas looking like this,



But instead… It looks like this…



which, I’m sorry to all you Australians, in general I love ya…. but this not Christmas.   This is a disaster of a holiday.


Compounding on that problem.  Im completely alone right now  Its about 3pm on Christmas day and I sit here alone in my apartment.  The sun shining, its about 85 degrees outside.  Everyone else in this city is having the time of their fucking lives.  Friends, family, pavlova, the beach, beers… and I’m…sad….alone….miserable…. 

I signed up for this though.  I knew that moving to Australia 3 months before Christmas meant that I obviously would not be spending it with family.  But I guess I thought id have someone by now…. I thought Id have a big group of friends or a boyfriend.  I for some reason thought my life was going to completely change here in Australia. i thought I was going to find that the grass was greener in the other hemisphere.   

The warmth is kind of good though.  Because its hot and sunny and stuff it doesn’t really feel like Christmas.  Like I don’t feel like Im really missing Christmas because it feels so not like Christmas.   

Im not ready to give up yet though.  I do believe that there is a purpose for me here in Australia. I think something good is to come…it has to be… doesn’t it?   Things can’t always stay bad.  At some point things have to get better….right? 

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