AIRPORTS! Or,How flying can make you feel better!


Seriously… Does anything make you feel either more excited or more dreadful than airports and flying?   For me, Im the excited type.  I love flying and airports and all that comes with it.  If you’re the type who dreads it Im here to change your mind.  In fact, Im here to talk about how I think flying can help people who have depression and anxiety feel better! 

For starters, just think of it.  You’re in an airport terminal.  Where are people going?  Another state?  Another country?  Another continent?   And why are they going?  What caused your paths to cross in the same terminal?  

The best thing about flying is that EVERYONE has a story!  

So, this brings me to RULE 1 of why air travel rocks and how it can make you feel better. Start a conversation.  Look, you’ve got a few hours with nothing to do.  Will it kill you to have some human interaction during that time? For me, I feel so lonely in life.  I feel so alone and isolated and I feel like i have no friends, so being stuck right next to complete strangers for is like heaven for me.  Start a conversation with them!!!!!  It helps you focus on something other than your internal thoughts (which, for everyone out there with depression or anxiety, it is our internal thoughts that end up driving us crazy).  


I remember one flight I talked to this man who worked for the now defunct car company Saturn and it was during their downfall and he was just losing it with his papers and was going on and on about how saturn was falling apart and the industry in general.  Granted, not the most uplifting conversation, but it was cool to hear the inside gossip of the auto industry especially during that time when shit was blowing up in their faces

I also had a conversation one time where this lady was spilling her guts about how her husband hadn’t had sex with her for four years but had a porn addiction and she thought he was secretly gay but her dad was a pastor so she couldn’t get a divorce and yadda yadda yadda.  That was a great flight.  I got off that plane like, FUCK my life is actually pretty damn good! 

But I’ve also had some really great conversations about politics and life and stuff with random strangers too! 



And rule 2 would be to enjoy your time in the terminal.  Yes, security, lines, waiting, taking off your shoes and such can seem super annoying.  But do you have any idea that travel makes you a better person?  How it broadens your mind?  How it makes you experience new things?  I mean just think, there are people who have never flown before!  There are people who either don’t have the money or are just not inclined to leave the world they know.  Like back in my hometown in Ohio, I know some people who have never really left the state!  

It is such a mind opening experience seeing new things and meeting new people from all over, and airports are the way to do it!  When I’m waiting for my flight I always walk up and down all the terminals looking at all the call signs and seeing where the planes are going.  I mean seriously, how cool is it that you can walk down an isle and see one plane leaving for Toronto, another for Seattle, and then another for London.  Just look at all those people, all of them about to be scatted all over the globe, but for right now, for this moment… were all together. All in one little happy (well, sometimes unhappy) global family stuck in airport terminal!



and finally comes rule 3.  and I might lose you guys on this one.  During the holidays especially, or anytime when you have a delay or something. EMBRACE IT?  just think, when your flight gets delayed at least you’re not alone! The other 200 people on your flight are going through the same thing!  Or say Thanksgiving weekend when the line is literally wrapped around the door.  Just remember you’re not the only one in that line!  Tons of other people are too.  I love that feeling of ‘were all in this together’.   Yes its annoying but hey talk about it!  Start bitching about it to the guy behind you!  He will love to join in!  its a way to take what some perceive as a lonely experience and it makes it communal.  EVERYONE hates when something wrong at an airport.  Just embrace the little airport family that you have at that moment.  Feel the rush of the moment.  The heightened senses!  Feel the crowd not as a danger or announce, but of a group that you’re finally a part of! 


Ok, so thats my little speech on air travel.  I hope others out there love flying as much as me!  Anyone else have any activates that make them feel good inside?  Let me know!


4 thoughts on “AIRPORTS! Or,How flying can make you feel better!

  1. haha this is great, I detest flying as it gives me such bad panic attacks but its so fun to read someone’s post about how much they love it! I wish I was able to see all these positives when I fly!

      1. Its the claustrophobia of flying, feeling like I can’t escape. I mean you can’t just ask them to let you off the plane mid-way across the Atlantic!

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