Am I Being Played?

So, question for all you people out there, and I must confess that I ask this because I am completely clueless on the topic.  

Am I being played?  

So there is this boy that I’ve been talking to for a little over a month now.  We hang out, we cuddle, we talk, he sometimes initiates conversation via text…..but I get this odd feeling that he’s not into me.

For example>  He doesn’t seem affectionate towards me…. which is extremely weird to me… We cuddle and sleep together (real sleep, not sex) but he never tries to kiss me or say cute things to me.  He never says anything to make me feel good about myself.  its like were just friends that happen to share a bed twice a week

Also, he is better looking and MUCH more normal than I am.  Like, if I were to go to a club I would just stumble around and be weird and maybe a handicapped 60 year old MIGHT JUST decide to pity me and hit on me….but thats it.

He, on the other hand, is the type to go to a club, be super social, get shit faced and party like crazy, then walk home with any guy he wanted….


So yes, I know the sounds of this seem like he totally isn’t in to me… and that Im probably just desperate for love….which…yes, I will completely admit is probably true


But then last night we went to the bars with some friends and at midnight texted with

”  🙂 xxx”

and then at 4:55am I got a text reading,

“im so close to your apartment right now…”


WTF?  Are we friends?  Does he want me as a fuck buddy?  Was he just horny and willing to have sex with anything? Or am I just crazy….am I just being played by yet another douche bag in the game of life?  

Should I just stop thinking that its possible for anyone to like me?

~ The Dark Horse 



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