Hello Rock Bottom, Its Me, The Dark Horse…I Was Just Leaving


So, yes…. long story short… the boy in question from the last post hung out with me again 2 nights ago and totally broke my heart and made me feel like shit and so now Im pretty sure its over and I’m back to square 1.

So, here is where Im at.

> I am living in a new country

> I have only one friend who is only a “kind of friend”… you all have a few of those I’m sure

> Im depressed because of a combination of my past, present, and fears of the future

> im rocking anxiety and panic 


So, where to go from here?  I guess, I can only go up.

I need to find that part of myself that can do anything. I need to remember that person I used to be where, even when everything would go wrong, I could still find the power to do anything I wanted.  I was like a raging locomotive hellbent on success.  There was no stopping me. 

Its time to become that person.  

I found this awesome quote from J.K. Rowling,



Maybe this is what I was supposed to know all along.  I mean, Ive always wanted to use my past to inspire others and help others.  Take my pain and use it to help people who are not as far as along as I am.  

 So maybe rock bottom isn’t so much of a rock bottom after all, maybe its more of a learning ground.  Its a time for us to learn empathy and sympathy for others because lets face it, in our modern world we seriously lack empathy and sympathy.   

So how bout you guys out there, reading this.

Ho are you feeling today?  Have you ever experienced a rock bottom moment?  Have you gotten out of it?  Do you think you’ve learned form it?   Has it maybe made you a better person today?  

~The Dark Horse 


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