Dear Anxiety and Panic: Fuck Off, Im Done With You




The panic attacks and anxiety are less and less scary and more and more unnerving…. 

Like, Im literally just ANGRY that it keeps happening.  its like, WHAT THE FUCK?  Do, you know how annoying you are Mr. Panic?  HMMMM????  Do you have any idea how much I don’t want to deal with you? 

The panic and anxiety are increasingly become less and less a part of me and more of an enemy.  Someone who I want to kill. Someone I want to piss off. Someone I want to drive fucking crazy.

So, Im going to do something…. I have no medical proof if this is safe or effective, BUT I DONT CARE BITCHES! 


Panic and anxiety wanted to pick a fight, well dammit they’re gonna get one! 


SO, this method is what I’m calling EXTREME EXPOSURE.

Heres the plan: Im going to do everything I can to be in public, all the time.  Im going to put myself in horrible situations and just force myself to deal with.  

Today going to work I got off the tram early and walked through the CBD, and decided to just walk all the way home.  Yesterday I filled my day with random errands.  And more is to come.  Bars, markets, who the fuck cares, as long as there are people there and anxiety to be felt IM FUCKIN DOIN IT! 

So, either Im going to come out triumphant….or, Im going to die….I guess well see?

So, how bout you guys?  If anyone out there has overcome anxiety or panic, how did you do it?  And, if you’re like me, and are still going through it… well, lets kick some ass! 

~ Give em’ hell,

The Dark Horse 

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