Cyber Masturbation, Or, The Vanity Of Social Media


Ok,  so far in this blog Ive talked about how Im depressed and never got along with people and so forth, but Ive never actually talked about my problems wit society and why I find it so hard to relate to people

So, now is the time! 

Im going to start with social media and how I believe it keeps us down.  

So right now, think of every stupid app that is on your phone and laptop.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Foursquare, and probably a few other floaters.   Now, everyone Im sure has a combination of these, but I know that scary amour of people literally have ALL of these.

And I can see why.   It allows the common person to feel like a superstar.  It allows any Joe Schmo to turn any day into a means of self promotion.

For example, Its Saturday night, what going on?  

Facebook Status about how excited you are of the night

Instagram selfie of you all dressed up in your club wear. 

Then you arrive at the club, bar, or house party, wherever the fuck you cool kids go

Then you may check in on Foursquare, which is also linked and shows up on your Facebook wall

During he night you’ll probably Instagram more selfies, and more selfies, and when you get bored of Instagraming them, you’ll Snapchat more selfies…. God the amount of selfies I see people take in one night is 

Perhaps a cute little tweet on Twitter as well, something, like, “OMFG Club is packed, party on bitchez!!!!!!”  (note this could also double as a Facebook statues during the night as well.

And why do you all do this? Because of the good feeling you get when you wake up the next morning and see all the people who liked your photos, commented on your statuses, told you how jealous they were of you, 



So its all for the cheap high people get from knowing that, for some reason, people out there give as shit about the everyday mundane tasks of life.

The masturbation is the feeling people get

every “like” is a stroke of the dick.  And you always want more.  Just ego high, ego high, ego high, over and over and over, constantly loving the stroke, stroke, stroke.

And the problem with this? 

I think there are many

1.) It distracts you from just living life.  You’re so consumed with sharing everything and thinking you’re a celebrity that you’re not fully engaged in the moment

2.) It keeps you shallow.  Craving “likes” and comments and “followers” and that stupid shit is really just the popularity comest of high school brought out into the larger world.  But you’re still living you’re life based on looking good and being popular

3.) it distracts you from the bigger picture.  For example, real problems.  Problems in politics, climate, human/animal rights, bullying, the greater good.  All of these just stay on the back burner when you become so consumed in the cheap everyday highs of the social media world

So, that is a big reason why I don’t get along with many people, more to come

Sorry for sounding like a condescending douche, I swear if you met me you’d know I’m a total twat

~The Dark Horse 

(PS, as always, not proof read)

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