Staying Calm When In An Anxiety Attack….Oh Fuck Off!



This is how I feel whenever Im trying to explain to someone what its like to have a panic attack and they respond with the ever-popular, “Oh, you just have to focus on your breathing and stay calm”.  

When someone says that me, I want handcuff them, personally escort them into a helicopter, fly to the center of the Pacific Ocean, and push them out.  As they struggle to stay afloat, I will simply scream….


…fuckers.  Perhaps Id have sharks around, or maybe ill release the Kraken just for the fun of it.  

Now obviously, I know, I know…. focusing on your breathing and staying IS what you need to do.  But still, its like when I’m in that moment of panic the last fucking thing I want to hear is that line. 

Give me a beach, palm trees, a hammock, and nice big ice tea and then maybe ill stay calm and perhaps focusing on my breathing will be much easier.  Until then.. fuck off.

ugh…. just venting.  Im sure anyone with anxiety or panic knows what I’m talking about haha!  

Lets just be happy instead?  Lets try? 


6 thoughts on “Staying Calm When In An Anxiety Attack….Oh Fuck Off!

    1. honestly man, its one of those things where i think everyone is different. Maybe a really really funny or horrible offensive comment. Something to just really shock ya I guess. But i don’t know, I’m just rambling i guess

      1. haha sweet. yeah I find that for me, laughter is always the best medicine. I think someone just needs to say something horribly obscure and it would get my mind off it haha!

  1. I know it does get annoying whenever I someone tells you to come down when you’re having a panic attack, I’ve been in that situation but you have to understand that they are saying it to you because they are just concern about you, come to think of it that is really what we have to do when we are having a panic attack although I doesn’t really help us at when when we are being told to do that. It is really complicated dealing anxiety ultimately we just need people to support and understand our condition.

    – Abby

    1. Yeah I know. Its actually really true. You just have to calm yourself down. I made that post in a light-hearted way ya know? Like its one of those things where all of us with anxiety have that moment. That moment where we are freaking out and everyone is like… oh calm down and you’re just like THAT DOESNT HELP!!! hahaha!

      But yeah I know thats what we have to do. I also found just sitting and drinking something really helps

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