Steady As The Beating Drum? Not A Chance



So I watched Pocahontas the other night.  Its such a good movie.  If you haven’t seen it, or if its been years since you’ve seen it, give it  watch again.  Its that good.

So it just got me thinking a lot.  So, I’m sure you all know the story.  Everyone is like “blah blah blah choose the slowest easiest path in life, because thats what you do” and Pocahontas is like…. no. I want adventure and excitement.  

I relate to that a lot, and I think a lot of you might as well.  Like i don’t understand the common person and they don’t understand me.  And neither of us will probably understand each other.  If you come form that mindset of “I just want things to be SIMPLE and EASY and STEADY” then how could you ever understand someone who says “I want my life to have IMMENSE MEANING and ADVENTURE and FEELING”.   

To bring it to modern day, its like the normal person being like, “yay! Ive worked hard all week, and now that its Friday I can’t wait to go to the bars with my friends”

to me, that sounds like a horrible dull and boring and mundane existence.  Id rather struggle and fight and feel pain and be spat on and   get hurt if I knew that it could lead me to a life where i could also feel immense love and passion and excitement.  And my job could be changing the world, and taking me all over the world.   

And just like I can’t comprehend their desires, they probably can’t comprehend mine.  



But just think, what would have happened if Pocahontas never explored?  What if she never met John Smith?  

What kind of life would she have had?  What would have happened to the village? 

Obviously I know in real life things didn’t play out like it does in the movie, I’m just using the movie as the example.



Now its time for the lesson for all of us today.  Think of the lyric, “Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest, come taste the sun sweet berries of the Earth! Come roll in all the riches all around you, and for once, never wonder what they’re worth”  

She said this to John Smith because she wanted him to just enjoy life.  Experience all it has to offer and not be consumed by thinking of manmade issues like economic worth, or political importance.  

But I think for us, people with depression and anxiety and panic…. we also need to just enjoy life.  Just experience the wonders around and not fill our minds with dread from the past.  fear of the future, worrying about some imaginary catastrophe thats around the corner.


Deal? awesome, lets do this!


~ The Dark Horse 


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