Feeling Down? Let Me Blow Your Mind PART 2!

Alright lets get right into this!  I don’t know about you guys but when I’m feeling down I love to just hear some creasy facts and really feel like there is more to life and the world than just the boring mundane crap that I feel so bored and lost in everyday….so, here are some! 





Did you know that Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport (one the busiest in China, serving almost 20 million people annually) was grounded in 2010 when this UFO was spotted flying overhead?  To this day, the mysterious aircraft has still not been able to be explained.  Both the Chinese and US claim its not a registered aircraft that either country is aware of.  




Now here is a REALLY REALLY scary one.  Do you know of the famous 1970’s horror film, The Omen?   Do you know that the scariest part of this movie is what happened offscreen?   Quite possibly the most cursed film of all time.  Even worse than the strange death of four “Poltergeist” stars.  

The craziness begins before shooting even starts! 

Two months before filming, star Gregory Peck’s son commits suicide.  Gregory Peck, already in a bad place from the death of his son, boards a plane to begin filming of the Omen… when the plane is struck by lightning. 

A few weeks later, the executive producer of the film, Mace Neufeld departs Los Angeles… his plane is then also struck by lightning.

Think thats it?  Nope, the scriptwriter David Seltzer is on a flight during filming… can you guess what happened to the plane?.. struck by lightning.  

Executive Producer Mace Neufeld’s luck isn’t about to get any better.  The hotel he and his wife are staying at during filming get bombed by the IRA.  The IRA also bombs a restaurant that the major cast and crew are supposed to eat at that night.  

Before you get too comfortable with the idea of flying, more airplane drama is on the way.  The production company hires a plane to take overhead shots….however at the last minute the plane is rented to do a commercial flight.  The plane is rescheduled to do the the overhead shots in a few days…however the plane never makes it because on the initial day it was supposed to be used for filming it crashes during take-off  killing everyone on board.  

The Omen also hired a tiger handler for the set.  He was to serve as the overseer when animals are used during filming, as well as to council cast and crew to properly handle animals (having a professional present when using animals during filming is required by law).  However, during filming he had an “accident” where a lion grabbed him by his head, pulled him into the cage and ate him alive.  Also, during filming, the Rottweilers turned and attacked their handlers.  

The curse remanded even after filming stopped.  A few members of the crew for the Omen went to work on another film called, “A Bridge Too Far”.  The stuntman, Alf Joint, who was also the stuntman for the Omen film, fall off a roof during filming and is put in the hospital.  When he wakes up he says that he was pushed by an invisible force.  

And how comes the creepiest part.  Another crew member working on A Bridge Too Far who also had just finished working on The Omen was Effects Coordinator John Richardson and his assistant.  ….. Its an average day,  they are driving to the set… oh did I mention it also happened to be Friday, August 13th 1976 (Yes it happened on Friday the 13th).  but LA DE DAH DE DAH! Nothing to be afraid of here… so anyway, they’re driving when there is a head on collision.  Richardson’s assistant is decapitated.  Richardson stumbles out of the car.  bruised and confused.  When he looks up he sees that the accident happened right in front of a street sign that reads, “Ommen 66.6km”  


Ok, thats a sad one… here’s a more happy one to finish this off:


Did you know that President Calvin Coolidge, who served from 1923 to 1928, liked to buzz for his body guards to enter the oval office and then would hide under his desk as the guards would frantically search thinking he was kidnapped?   Can you imagine the moment when he pops out and goes, “Im alive!”  Oh calvin…..


Anyhoo, I hope this got you thinking about how crazy and unexplained life can be. Sure some of these things are scary, but still its interesting.  And it shows that there is more than meets the eye.  But more importability, that there is more to focus on in life other than sadness and depression and feeling down.  Just remember that there is still mystery in all of this! 


3 thoughts on “Feeling Down? Let Me Blow Your Mind PART 2!

    1. Thanks! Im glad you like it! scroll down for Part 1! Personally when I’m down I just find that reading about crazy things and random interesting topics makes me feel better… I don’t know why, I think its because it shows theres more out there

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