Keeping Calm, Feeling Good, and the Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack


So, for real, if you have never listened to the music from the video game Donkey Kong Country, its about damn time you start! 

Honestly some of the best music ever made… Not just for video games, but ever.  The best part about the music is that its all very natural.  Like you just feel really good when listening to it.  In fact back when i was living in the middle of the woods in the Northwest Territories, I used to put some Donkey Kong on as the sun went down and did stretches overlooking the lake.  The music, paired with the sunset, the loons, and the ripples in the lake was probably the most relaxing experience of my life.  So here are a few of the songs you should put on your chill out, meditation, before bed, in nature, or.. well… I love this music, so I think it works on any playlist… but I’m sure I’m biased on that. 

For starters, the quintessential Donkey Kong Country song is Aquatic Ambiance.  Any DK fan will totally hands down tell you this was the best song from the whole game. This song paired with how beautifully the water levels look (Have I mentioned that even though Donkey Kong Country came out in 1994 on Super Nintendo, the game looks and sounds amazing.  Like its a living picture.  Seriously worth a play. Go on YouTube and just see the million of renditions of this song, including a symphony performing it live! 



Aquatic Ambiance:

The next song that should go on the playlist is actually from Donkey Kong Country 2 and is called Stickerbrush Symphony. This again is a song that is all over Youtube with accapella versions and extended remixes and stuff.  But totally worth a listen to.  



Stickerbrush Symphony:

And heres another good Youtube Version where its cleaned up a bit:

Another good song that I find to be really relaxing is called Voices Of The Temple.  For those you who didn’t play this game, this level had these giant wheels and these little beavers were in them and they chased you.. for those of you who have played this game, I HATED those beavers.

Image fuckin’ beavers…

Voices Of The Temple:

And a great pick-me-up song is the Ice Cave Chant.  its fun and bubbly and just makes ya smile.  Give it a listen, a good way to describe it is… Perky?  ya, I like Perky.  (Also, was another really cool looking level)


Ice Cave Chant:

and another more modern cleaned up version:

For another really chill and calm song, we go back to Donkey Kong Country 2 for Web Woods.  Its got a cool little woodwind thing going on that I think is really nice. 


Web Woods:

Finally, at the end of the first game, you have the Credits Concerto.  You get to see all the characters, and then the credits roll.  its great, and the music is great as well… good way to end the game! 


Credits Concerto:


Some other honorable mentions I think you should check out if you liked these,

Life In the Mines:

and a cleanup version:

Cavern Caprice:

Rockface Rumble:

Arctic Abyss:


See Ya Guys Later! 

~The Dark Horse


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