My Obsession With The Faculty


Can you imagine a better movie?  Seriously.  Was this not the greatest thing to ever hit theaters?   Ok, so look, I know that I usually blog about my depression and anxiety, but I need to take a break to explain how amazing this movie is.  PLUS-> I guarantee you that if you’re feeling down in any way, shape, or form, this film will pick you right up. AND WHY YOU MAY ASK? …. Oh, well Im so glad you did, allow me to go IN DEPTH about why this movie is, in fact, amazing and will cheer up any grumpy camper.

For starters. Lets talk the cast.  Seriously.  This was an All-Star, serendipitous casting that makes me soooooo happy.  Soooo soooo happy.  Lets discuss:

Elijah Wood, which to be honest, I really don’t give a fuck about. Now I know all of you at home are probably like, Oh but Lord of the Rings, or worse, any hipster will probably mention Eternal Sunshine. But the debate is over and the results are in – This was by far his best film.  Court Dismissed.  Send in the dancing lobsters. (brownie points if you get that reference)


Jordana Brewster was a raging bitch in this movie, but I still loved her.  Aw, and when she wears the glasses because she’s going “incognito”.  Jordana, you are amazing!


Clea DuVall, This is my favorite movie she’s ever done.  I liked her in But Im A Cheerleader and Carnivale, but Stokely was BY FAR her greatest role ever.  The dark, depressed (yet totally pure-on-the-insde) and rumored lesbian is how I’ll always remember Clea.


Laura Harris, is probably an actress you’ve never heard of, or don’t remember, unless you were a fan of Dead Like Me, then you’d probably recognize her as Daisy Adair (Trust me, the Dead Like Me post is coming any day now). Best scene ever is when she turns into the alien in the swimming pool. (Squeal!)


Josh Hartnett, Honestly, another actor who I think has never had a better role than this movie. He was the drug dealing bad boy, who also smoked while playing football… completely ridiculous. Only in the 90s.


On top of the main characters, the film had a great supporting cast including Selma Hayek, John Stewart, Usher, and Robert Patrick (better known as that metal cop from T2).

But lets get to the more fun supporting characters.  The absolute best was Famke Janssen, most famous for her role as Jean on X-Men, but for me, she will always be Miss Burke.  So, she starts out all meek and shy…


But once she is taken over by the alien parasite, she becomes a bombshell, no bullshit, raging bitch.  And i fuckin love it!

On top of that, The Faculty had one of the greatest opening scenes ever.  So, remember in the 90’s how all the horror movies would have the first murder happen before the title would appear?  Well, in The Faculty it involves Broadway star Bebe Neuwirth, and Piper Laurie, who played Carrie’s mom in the original Carrie. I can’t find the opening scene on Youtube but please just watch it,  its amazing!

the faculty

Anyways, it’s campy, it’s fun, it’s crazy, and it’s insanely 90’s.  I think if you haven’t seen the movie, you need to.  My recommendation is to go buy the movie, watch it in high quality on your TV, but I also have the totally illegal online viewing link below


Enjoy the movie!

~The Dark Horse

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