‘IT’ Is Just Like A Panic Attack


So, I was thinking yesterday about that scene from IT where Richy is in the library and Pennywise is taunting and then screaming at him.  Nobody else around notices Pennywise but Richy is having a meltdown because.. well… Pennywise is terrifying.

Then I was like… this is JUST LIKE A PANIC ATTACK.  

The panic attack is Pennywise the clown and we are all Richy.  Taunted, harassed, miserable, and in fear.  This giant clown is always there behind us.  Reminding us that danger is everywhere. That something.. ANYTHING is just about to go wrong.  But nobody else around knows anything.  Nobody else has any clue that something is wrong.  It is just you… and Pennywise. 


The part where Richy is trying to talk to the librarian but he’s screaming because he can’t hear himself think over Pennywise.  Don’t we all know how that feels? 

Like when you’re with your friends or at work, and you’re so desperately trying to act like everything is fine.  You’re trying to act like you’re in the moment, paying attention to what they’re saying, and engaged.  But really, all you can hear is Pennywise telling you GET OUT! GO HOME! and NOTHING CAN STOP ME!  You’re friends might ask you a question and you just scream back the answer to try to get louder than the voices in your head, or you just kind of mumble and seem dazed because well… you’re too busy listening to Pennywise.  Yep… Been there.


So lets put Pennywise in timeout.  Remember, in the movie, if you didn’t believe in hime, he went away… damn… he really is like a panic attack!  So yeah, lets take control bitches! 

~ Love ya forever, The Dark Horse 



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