Slasher Films and How They Can Make You Feel Good!


So previously Ive written about The Faculty and IT…. So I think its time to just come clean and say it. Yes, Im a horror movie fan. HOWEVER it is because horror movies are so much more than just people being torn to pieces for no reason. They are about overcoming obstacles and if you can recall any slasher flick, the lone survivor (usually referred to as “survivor girl” or “virgin girl”) is not the hottest girl or cheerleader, or even the smartest.  She is the girl who just has…. well.. “it”.   The combination of street smarts, determination, courage, and wit.   


So lets discuss.  You have your group of random trashy stupid teens.   One by one the idiots are killed off.  The drunk football jock who treats girls like shit.  The dumb skanky girl who lets boys treat her like shit.  The pothead who honestly wasn’t ever going to get any further than working in fast food anyways.  The stakes get higher and higher as the body count rises. Usually everyone seems clueless except one person who seems to be a bit more aware than everyone else.  Questioning a bit more.  Preparing a bit more.  This of course is always the character that the killer wants dead the most, but in most cases never succeeds in killing.


Now why you ask?  Well because this character will always rise above limitations.  This character will always become stronger than they ever knew possible.  Able to take on the challenge and fight for their lives because death is not an option.  

And thats why i love a good slasher flick so much.  When everything seems like its falling apart around you.  When even their lives are in immediate danger and peril seems so close.  They don’t give up.  They unlock the inner beast.  That raw force inside that says Im Going To Survive This.

And I think we can learn a lot from that.  At least for me.  With depression and anxiety and stuff, shit can seem really hard all the time. But I have that desire to live.  That desire to survive and get better.  And I think in a strange way I get inspiration from slasher films.   Maybe you could to? I recommend: 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both the 1974 and 2003 versions) 

Scream 1,2, and 3. (avoid 4.  It ruined the series)

A Nightmare On Elm Street (Only the first… tho Freddy Vs. Jason was pretty cool)

Behind The Mask

Last House On The Left

The Faculty (Of course)


Final Destination (Only the first.. well, I do enjoy roller coaster scene in the 3rd) 

Also below is the famous Scream clip about the rules of horror movies.  Its great, as is the scene in Scream 2 describing sequels, but now I’m just rambling.

Proofreading is for the dead 😉

Love, The Dark Horse 



2 thoughts on “Slasher Films and How They Can Make You Feel Good!

    1. Hey man thanks! Im glad your enjoying it so far! This has blog has seriously helped me a lot as well. Ive always wanted to inspire people and so its awesome to know its helping others!!!!!!

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