That Crushing Feeling, Lets Make It Go Away


So, I was reading this girls blog yesterday and she was talking about how much physical pain she was in because of how sad she was and it got me thinking about it.  I know that feeling.  I think we all know that feeling.  

I remember back in high school we had to read The Crucible when learning about the Salem Witch Trials and we learned that there was a method of killing a witch called stoning.  And its not the in the middle-eastern way where everyone picks up stones and beats the girl to death.  They took a giant boulder and set it on top of the person.  The weight would slowly crush the ribcage until it collapsed onto the lungs and suffocated the “witch”.  

If any of you reading this has depression, you know why I mentioned that.  Its the closest way to describe how we all feel when we get sad.  Though nobody else can see it, we have that boulder pressing…pressing…pressing.  I don’t know what it is, or why it happens.  I don’t know even know how to explain to someone who has never felt it.  But you can literally just feel the weight of the world crushing you.  


But that isn’t what this blog is about.  Were not here to dwell on the problems or how bad we feel.  This is about making us all feel better.  Anytime you’re feeling down come here and I hope to make you be able to smile.

So, this is one of my favorite pictures of all time:


This is a picture of free diver, and conservationist Mehgan Heaney Grier.  Ive always loved this photo so much because she approaches this animal that could be so deadly, and she just stays so calm, and I always have the image in my head that she’s about to go in and kiss the thing!   

Why I mention this is because the alligator is like the “problem”.  Its our panic.  Our Anxiety.  Our Depression.   Its the big bad beast.  And we need to be Mehgan.  We need to approach it with a smile.  With a kind heart and without fear.   

This is hard and this is something that even I have massive struggles with, but this is the truth:

We must confront our fears, our pains, those who have brought those upon us with kindness.  With strength.  With dignified composure.  Because that is the only way to overcome the obstacle….To be better than it

So the next time you’re in your room, or at work, or wherever you are.  And you’re just feeling like absolute shit.  When you’re down and feeling worthless.  Remember how strong you are.  How much percervierence we all have.  We get up everyday and live our lives knowing that alligator is constantly right behind us.  That takes some fucking courage.  

And remember, next time you feel that alligator is there.  Kill it with kindness…. emphasis on the kill  😉


Aight bitches, enjoy the night/day! 

 The Dark Horse 


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