Tea Always Makes Me Feel Better

Image So, I got a package from home today.  From the States.  For Easter my mom sent me some tea… which I’m obsessed with.  Opening up that box and knowing my mom had sent me something to cheer my up made me feel good. Maybe people aren’t so bad huh?  (Well lets not go that far…)  But still, it was good to open it up, and on top of that, its super cloudy and rainy and misty out right now.  Its amazing. I live down the street from the tallest building in Melbourne called Eureka Tower, and its literally gone.  The clouds are so and fog so dense the building is seriously gone.  I love it. Its perfect tea drinking weather…. Oh, and what a coincidence! i have some tea!  Mwuahaah!  Image But lets get down to this.  Why should any of you care?  BECAUSE TEA IS BLOODY FUCKIN’ AWESOME!  1.) A study 5 year from the Netherlands reported that drinking tea reduced the chance of heart attack by 70%!  2.) Tea contains phytochemicals, which keeps minerals in the bones, which in result leads to better bone health!  3.) Did you know tea even contains fluoride? It also con taints tannins, these help keep your mouth nice and healthy!  4.) The plyphenols in tea can keep cancer at bay by inhibiting its ability to grow!  5.)Drinking tea reduced participants chances of having high blood pressure! Between 50% and 70% depending on how often they drank! So come on people!  When were feeling down tea can only help right?  Plus there are TONS and TONS of teas to choose from.  If you don’t like one, you’re bound to like another!  If you live in Australia i recommend visiting T2 for your tea, Image and if you live in the states I recommend trying to find your tea through The Republic Of Tea which can be found online and in certain grocery stores. Image

So come on folks!  lets drink up!  Want to leave with a smile?  just look at the picture below: 



~Dark Horse out!





4 thoughts on “Tea Always Makes Me Feel Better

    1. Oh man I know right!!!! Ive started doing a cup of matcha with my breakfast in the morning. Its been really amazing actually. It wakes me up and helps warm up meh’ belly 🙂

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