Let Ms. Whoopi Goldberg Make Ya’ll Babes Feel Better!


So I was going to write this blog post, when suddenly our good friend Whoopi Goldberg stopped by!

Whoopi let me just say, I love your work in film and television and its an honor to have you hear with us today,


Aw Whoopie, you’re so nice.  Well, ok then, do you have any advice for us today?  Im trying to make this blog so everyone has something to look at that can leave them smiling, feeling good, and empowered.  Im sure going through Hollywood you probably know all about having to empower yourself right?  Can you shed some light on it for the rest of us? 


Ah very true.  I know that happiness has to be found inside…but sometimes it just seems so hard.  I mean, sometimes when i look inside myself it seems like there is no power to find.  And to make matters worse, it feels like others don’t really care.



You know Whoopi, somehow, that actually makes me feel reassured. And thanks again for stopping by again Whoopi!  Its always a pleasure to be able to get some inspiration from you.


Ah, we’ll thats… ugh… good to know.

Well thanks for reading, and thanks for stopping by whoopi!  

Later bitches, The Dark Horse 

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