Dear Depression and Anxiety. A Letter…Well.. A death threat


My dear, sweet depression and anxiety.   It pains me oh so much to say, but its over.  

It was hard letting go of you, but, I feel its time we part ways.

You were always there for me.  In bed at night…. you were always in my thoughts.  While walking to class, or hanging with friends.  I was always thinking about you.  On the bus…. you sat next to me.  Always reminding me you were there.

And we had some good times together, we really did.  Remember that time I listened to See The Sun by Dido and cried my ass off thinking about how Ive been wasting my life focusing on you?

Remember that time I was walking to work and I had a panic attack and almost fell to the ground?

Or how about all those times I was too scared and too sad to do anything…so I just sat inside all day and all night.

Ah yes, my sweet rose… We have been together for quite sometime

Alas, it is time to end this.  You and I both have better things to do… Well… you don’t… but I do. And thats why Im leaving you.

You’re what we call a one-trick-pony.  Yeah you have that whole sad and afraid thing going on… and yeah I was there with you for a bit… but Im done with that now.  And I just feel that you’re holding me back.

So goodbye and don’t ever come back around and if you do… well.. you’ll see a side of me that Ive never shown you before… I happen to be….


Completely, absolutely, and fully, Insane

Oh yeah thats right.  I am balls-to-the-wall out of my mind.  And if you ever come back I will kill you.  But not before I torture you.

Hannibal Lecter called the other day and said he was sorry for fucking with me… I won’t go into detail about what happened.. but lets just say his left arm is missing. (Its in my freezer)


Oh yes.  I will be that “crazy ex” you talk to all your friends about.  The one who still threatens to sacrifice your first born child and will parade around in a suit made of your skin after you’re dead.

Ah, but oh I’m being mean…. I shouldn’t tell you all of this, it will be much more sadistic if I wait until the torture starts to let you know I’m crazy… really see that confusion and fear in your eyes.

Oh but look at me ramble on like an obsessed school girl, anyhow darling, you’ve been warned.

Hugs and Kisses, The Dark Horse



2 thoughts on “Dear Depression and Anxiety. A Letter…Well.. A death threat

  1. wow, this is a great post. Interesting to put your emotions in a letter to all your feelings but in the same sense, I find complete comfort in writing about mine. You seem to be hesitant in giving up something bad for you. I’ve experienced the same thing and written a post on it you may find interesting.

    1. hey yeah i just read it. completely true. In the beginning its very hard to accept that there is a life beyond depression, especially because so many of us have had depression for so long.

      But the thing i have going for me is that I’m a fighter. Ive said it in some prior blog posts. I don’t care what anyone says about me, the only thing i CANT handle is someone thinking I don’t try, cuz dammit i fight everyday, and finally, I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and it feels really really good 🙂

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