Time For Recovery (seriously, lets do this shit)


Ah, so I survived yesterday.  Another dreaded lonely holiday. And now its time for healing to begin.  Yesterday was a cheat day.  A day devoted to splurging because I felt like shit.  But now its time to return to life.

Which brings me to the point of treating ourselves a little bit everyday.  One thing I’m learning a lot about depression and anxiety is that to overcome it we need to keep going out even though we feel like we don’t have the energy and we also need to do something good for ourselves.  For example, if you don’t want to go out and feel too tired or too weak, say, “If I go out, it will be to the store to by myself something nice”.  

As for me, Im writing this entry at a cafe.  Bought myself a nice tea and some banana bread and I’m sitting in front of the window typing at this very moment.  The treats are the incentive to get out, and the getting out is what re-acclimates us to the world we live in.


Ive been learning that this is crucial and needs to happen.  As much as we desperately want to sleep the day away.  Even though we get headaches from going out.  Even though the heart starts to race and the energy hits rock bottom… the only way to get better is to confront the fears.


So this whole post I’ve been putting pictures of Native American art that represents connectivity.   And that is because we need to remember we are interconnected.  For example:

Thoughts affect mood that affect actions

actions affect thoughts that affects mood

mood affects thoughts that affects actions

and so on and so on. 

The only way to get over it is to break this cycle, and to break the cycle we must challenge the cycle


So, get out there, have fun, and please, LETS ALL GET BETTER! 

never proofread, The Dark Horse 



2 thoughts on “Time For Recovery (seriously, lets do this shit)

  1. So I’m new to the world of blog. I found your blog through someone who kindly liked mine. I read this post and every word hit me square between the eyes. Today I have spent the day next door at my sister in laws. Yesterday I didnt get out of bed. Tomorrow will bring a new host of battles. But I will face tomorrow with your words in mind and a little more hope in my soul x

    1. awww thanks! Yeah Im actually at cafe right now about to write todays blog post. But yeah its hard as fuck. Like I never had anxiety before. Ive had depression for a really long time, but the anxiety and panic on top of severe depression didn’t start until I moved hereto Australia, and it killed me. Back in December I wasn’t able to leave my apartment. What I learned is that its about making small steps.
      If you survive leaving your bedroom, maybe tomorrow you can make it the front lawn. Maybe next week you can make it down the street with a friend or parents. Then hopefully by yourself and so on.

      One of my favorite quotes ever is from the Scooby Doo movie, as dumb as it sounds. The guy is talking to the team because at the beginning of the film they don’t talk anymoe. But he wants them to get back together and says:
      But Thats The Beauty Of Something Broken, It Can Always Be Fixed

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