It Takes 10,000 Times To Heal


Oh yeah. Thats a panic attack for you. That fear.  That rage.  That strange mixture of feeling so tired and yet so ready to run.  That feeling of being so lost in your thoughts that your senses are numbed.  

But heres what Ive learned.  Healing has taken time.  And there is no surprise to why.

Panic attacks feel so real.  They can take any logical thought of your head and fill it with pure fear and terror.  

So if you only take one thing away from this blog entry its this.

To Say, “Im Ok This Has Happened 10,000 Times Before… Its Gotta Happen 10,000 Times


Yes thats right.  You have to have them. A lot of them.  And survive all of them.  Healing from panic, anxiety, and even depression can’t happen overnight because well.  SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG.

Luckily, its not physical.  Its all mental.  Which, as much as it suck.  With mental problems we are at least in complete control (We just don’t know it yet).

But yea. After a while you get used to it.  The racing heart.  The feeling of being faint.  That feeling that something is just wrong even though you can’t put your finger on it.  You’ll eventually just get annoyed and bored of it.  You’ll stop being afraid and start just being like… “ugh… that racing heart again… fuck this”


Yeah I’ve already gone on my rant about how I hate when people try to talk about “breathing” helping the panic attack.  its never helped me much.  It usually just makes me get more anxious about my breathing.   

But yeah this is the best thing Ive gained so far.  Just being able to sit back and go….ive had a billion already.  Im done stressing. 



So the next time you’re feeling down. Just remember, you aint dead yet! 

~Panic on my friends, panic on!

The Dark Horse 


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