Yearning To Live Again. Or, Working Out… It Actually Does Help


Im getting that urge again.  An urge I have not felt in quite a long time.  That urge to live life once more.  Im getting so tired and annoyed of sitting on the sidelines.


When I watch a travel show, or someone talks about going to a theme park.  I hate that the first thought that goes through my head is “Oh…what if I don’t have the energy?  What if i collapse?  What if I have the WORST PANIC ATTACK EVER! One that Ive never experienced before?  What if my heart can’t handle it?”

And for those of you with depression you probably say things like, “Ill be miserable the whole day.  I hardly have the energy to get up in the morning.  Ill ruin their day”



No more sitting on the sidelines!  No more rejecting all that life has to offer!  WHAT THE POINT?

Why fear death if your life is spent not living anyway?


For me, I’ve finally started getting that feeling back again.  Ive started feeling like I’m ready to chase things.  That maybe I do have the energy.

And Ive got to admit.. a big part of that is the gym.  Ive started forcing myself to work out again.  Despite how much I hate it.  Despite how much it scares me.  Despite how weak I feel.  I finally started taking the advice that exercise is a valuable tool.  


So here are my tips:

~Worried about energy?  Bring Orange juice, an apple, and a protein shake.  (or any combination of sugars and proteins.  This combo is scientifically proven to energize your body.  If you’re consuming these during a workout and still feeling like shit, well you have nothing to fear.  It has nothing to do with your health. its all in your head (NOTE: That statement was not supervised by a doctor)  But within reason, you’re probably not having a blood sugar crash or anything.  The lag is just from your own mind.

~ Still need more convincing?  Do what I did. Buy one of those diabetes blood sugar meters.  THESE HAVE SAVED MY LIFE.  If you’re at the gym and you’re feeling like you can’t go on poke your finger quick and see what your blood sugar levels are.  IF your number is above 4.0 then YOU ARE FINE! Keep going.  If its below.  Drink that OJ you brought and have some protein shake.   Fuel the burning flame!

~ Check out hot people!!!!  YES!  It is perverted and shallow and you may feel dirty afterwards.  But it works (at least for me)  



If you’re a hot person reading this….dont be offended! Your body is now being used a tool for us to overcome our hatred of fitness! 

And if you’re a straight guy reading this I supposed I should put up a picture of a hot girl you have something to look at…


There… now don’t ask me for anything else. 


So yes.  dont focus on how annoyingly boring and strenuous exercise is.  Instead, focus on how big that guys dick probably is. Or how tight his but looks.  or how you can his cute little happy trail when his shirt lifts up as he lifts a weight.

ugh… or look at boobs or whatever.  




Now instead of being like.. ugh… walking into the city.. how am I going to be able to not collapse?   Instead now I say “Well… I survived running in the gym, lifting weights in the gym, and all that increased increase heart rate and heavy breathing.. so a walk in the city won’t be so bad at all!”

But this may take baby steps!  And if it does its ok!  It  took baby steps for me too! 

Like for example.  A couple weeks ago I posted about how I blog in cafes (I’m actually in one right now).  Before i started running again at the gym. my goal was to just be able to get the fuck out of the apartment! 

step one was to spend time out and about and get used to it

step two has now been return to the gym and make that a comfort zone again.

Step three..  I’m not sure what that will be…. maybe tackling the city… or driving to somewhere new.  

the main deal here is…


Rome wasn’t built in a day bitches!  Just like were not going to heal overnight!  

Keep Calm, Carry On, and Smack Yourself Every time You Have Self-Doubt

~The Dark Horse (Never Proofread as always!)


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