Puppy Therapy


Feeling down?  Well not for long.  its time for PUPPY THERAPY! 

Oh yes… this post is going to be cheesy, sappy, annoying and oh so filled with puppies!   Read on and feel better instantly! 


Oh man.. you’re feeling better already aren’t you?  Dude, don’t lie.  I know you are.

Maybe today won’t be so bad after all yeah?

Just sit back, relax, and puppies! 


I know you’re feeling good now ! 

Its not posible to keep feeling bad with all these puppies around you! 

Need more?  Maybe a combination of cute boys with dogs?  WELL LOOK, IM WAY AHEAD OF YOU! 


Im basically you’re therapist right now.   

Ok so you woke up on the wrong side of the bed?  BAM! 


Suddenly you see a funny dog and it all isn’t so bad after ya?

Maybe you’ve just had a breakup?  Or life has never seemed to sunny for you?  Whatever your pain is right now… there is always…



Yeah, sure.  This isntthe most compelling entry Ive ever made.  And it doesn’t really hold much creative integrity. But thats not the point today.  The point is to make you happy!   AND YOU KNOW PUPPIES MAKE YOU HAPPY! 


So keep calm, carry on, and…. you know whats coming right? ….


Thats right…. fuckin puppies.  


Alright hope you’re feeling at least a little bit better! 

~The Dark Horse 



7 thoughts on “Puppy Therapy

  1. I luv ur blogs I suffer agoraphobia, panic, social anxiety and reading ur blog is an inspiration. I will make those 1st steps and like you hope to see the world in a different light xxx

    1. Oh man thanks so much!!!! I love hearing that!

      Yeah, I had agoraphobia but it was for a very short time. Like back in December was the worst. When my life was completely falling apart. And Whenever Id step out of my apartment building Id just feel like I was going to die. My legs would wobble, id feel like i was going to faint. My heart would pound id break out in sweats. It was horrible. That night I went online and saw on chatrooms these people who were like I haven’t left my apartment in 4 years and so on and I GOT SO SCARED. I was like… no.. I’m 24.. I will not let this be my life. So I started out small. I’m talking really small.

      like id sit on my front step. I did that for a few days. Just to be outside.

      Then i walked to the corner. Did that for a few days. Then 2 blocks. Then to a coffee shop 3 blocks away.

      Rome wasn’t built in a day and healing doesn’t happen in a day.

      Best advice I can give for right now. CONSUME yourself in your passions and interests. Like I love travel, roller coasters, conspiracy theories, and movies. whenever I’m feeling down or anxious just start thinking about that stuff. roam around wikipedia or just strike up a conversation with your friends about what YOU want to talk about. Keeping your mind busy helps it not think about the bullshit in our heads!

      1. You are so right it is so easy to be consumed in everything and I have been remission before 7 years agoraphobia free then last year bang it cane back and I will not allow it to beat me, small steps is what I plan and focus on getting back out there slowly, please keep blogging u have a wonderful way of just seeing it from the funny as well as serious side and that makes it so easy to understand. Today I will go out just for a 5 min walk myself with my dog and hopefully pat myself on the back. Stay strong and remember ur blog will help me achieve wonderful things xxx

      2. Yes keep doing it!

        Also LIFELINE is an amazing resource! Are you in the USA, Australia, or New Zealand? If so call lifeline. Just tell them. be like, “Hey i have really bad anxiety and last night I went for a walk for 5 minutes and tonight I want to do 10. Can you stay on the phone and talk to me while I do?” Lifeline is seriously amazing!

      3. I am actually in the UK, but I have just went for a 10 min walk just around the block myself woohoo well with the dog lol. But yes I do have some mental health people I can call but want to do this on my ownish. Ty for inspiring me I am going to go out later on for another 10 mins xx hugs 2 u xx

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