Smash The Mirror (Oh Yeah, Were Going There!)


I love these posts.  This is where I talk about overcoming depression, panic, and anxiety by letting your crazy self shine through!   Oh yes thats right!  All that rage you have.  All that sadness you have.  All the desperation.  Use it AGAINST your problem!  It’s actually a lot of fun!

So, today the example I’m going to use is The Who’s TOMMY. Have you ever seen it?  It’s fucking insane!  So, brief rundown for you – Tommy is deaf dumb and blind but sure plays a mean pinball (please tell me you know that song), he makes his family super rich from it, his parents worry about him though, and even get jealous.  He becomes somewhat of a prophet and so on.  Look… theres a lot going on in that movie.  Its hard to explain.

Ann-Margret plays Tommy’s mother.  She becomes increasingly mad the he is transfixed on his mirror.  Somehow, this mirror has a hold on Tommy even though he seemingly has no senses.  So Ann-Margret goes apeshit crazy and ends up throwing Tommy through the mirror. After she does, he is able to hear, speak, and feel.

So lets creak this down.

We are TOMMY.

Our problems (whatever yours is) Is the MIRROR

and what we need to do is unlock our inner ANN-FUCKING-MARGRET

Sound crazy?  Oh, you bet! And that’s why it works!

meet your newest ally in war.  Allow me to introduce….


Crazy-ass Ann-Margret.   Oh hell yes!

Actually before going any further.  Watch the scene on YouTube… its under 2 minutes.

Did you see that hair whip?  She literally beats him with her hair!  Thats amazing!


Ok, so it’s time to show your problem that you’re the boss.  You are in charge.  And you’re willing to do anything to save Tommy (yourself) from the magnetic pull of the mirror (your problem).  Because its the only way to carry on with life.


That mirror that has transfixed you.  What has it done?  Yes it’s there.  Yes it shows you an “image” of yourself.  But is that a real image?  Is it true? Or is it altered.  is the mirror showing you only bad images of the past?  maybe fabricated stories of what COULD but probably WON’T happen in the future?  Maybe it’s one of those mirrors that’s always adding twenty pounds, even though they’re not really there.  Maybe it shows you as someone who is weak when really you’re strong?

We all have that mirror showing us something different, but why dwell on it?  But it really doesn’t matter anymore because in a few seconds, Ann-Margret’s crazy ass is about smash that shit!

tommy smash the mirror

So say goodbye to that old you…To that distorted image the mirror shows… And get ready for the WHOLE AMAZING WORLD THAT SITS BEYOND IT! 

Now, my dear Ann-Margret, were ready for you to do your deed.

Say goodbye to that mirror that’s held you back and tell it to rot in hell!



Its a big bright world out there.   Take a pair of sunglasses and see what it has to offer!


Never give up and never proofread! (… well, if you want to go to college, you probably should)


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