Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine (ill try to make you laugh!)


Ok so what to do when you’re feeling down?  You make yourself feel better! How do you make yourself feel better?   

By laughing! 

So sticking in tune with the other day’s “Puppy Therapy” post.  Once again I’m not going for the deep heartfelt metaphysical mind bend.  Todays goal is simply to make you happy.   Lets go! 

One of my favorite SNL clips of all time.  Kristin Wig and Maya Rudolph are hilarious! and this one of those times where they break character because they can’t stop laughing.  And that always makes a sketch funnier! 


Next we have a video that I laugh at every time I watch it.  its uncontrollable.   A community in Mobile, Alabama is convinced they’ve found a leprechaun who lives in their neighborhood tree.  


Another great news clip:

So Ryan Lochte…who I still don’t know why he’s famous.  He’s an athlete or was in the Olympics or something.  But the best is that he is a complete idiot and had absolutely no reason for having a show.  But watch how horrible he is at the interview and then watch hows the news anchors react


Another great clip:

have you ever heard of Weber Cooks?  Its the most horrifically disgusting cooking video ever.  So this guy works for the University Of Utah and tries to teach kids how to cook on a budget and only in their microwave.  But really all he does is just teach kids how to cook the most horrific things that will most definitely kill them in the future. 


Alright well I hope I brightened your day a little bit!  Get out there and kick ass! 

~ The Dark Horse 



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