Lets Talk About Fear (or, more importantly , lets talk about not being afraid anymore)


Lets talk about fear… and not the good kind.  Roller coasters and watching Paranormal Activity can draw a kind of fun fear.  The kind that stimulates you.  But today lets talk about that crippling fear most of us have.  The kind where we WORRY about the future and DREAD whats to come.

I won’t lie.  Even me,  Even the ole’ Dark Horse has this.  Im worried about whats next.  Where do I go from here?  

Ive been making AMAZING progress.  My therapist is proud of me, and I’m even proud of myself!   But I think due to my past of never really feeling proud or good about myself I find myself always wondering… WHATS NEXT?  Im so conditioned for something to go wrong and for the sky to fall that I’m finding it difficult to just keep on keeping’ on without having that fear of.. what if it happens today?  That dreaded panic attack? 


So what to do?  Well here is my idea.  Lets take fear and turn it upside down!  lets make fear funny. 



This was ALWAYS a huge fear of mine.  I culdnt help it!  There was totally a shark in the deep end! But you know what?  There wasn’t.  And I survived.  And I THINK WERE GOING TO SURVIVE THIS TOO

Fear is only useful in certain situations.  Like,


Being chased by a bear, or


being near anyone who drives this van.


But does it help us in life to be afraid of meeting new people? Or leaving our house? Or taking up a new hobby?

NO NO and NO! 

Dont pin yourself in a corner.  Anytime you feel fear, turn it around and make it a joke. 

Hell look up funny memes about whatever you’re afraid of!  Or just start thinking of things that make you laugh.. like this!



if you’re ever feeling down or having a panic attack and need to get your mind off of it just google easter bunny photos and find ones like this:



Og yes. Its a glorious day when you put kids with creepy-costumed-grown-men.   Oh the laughs will be endless.

Ok…. one more to levee you on a laugh! 


Over and Out Bitches! 

~The Dark Horse



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