Lets All Rise Like The Phoenix!


Oh yes. I have not posted as much as normal because I am sick and when I am sick all hell breaks loose and you better hope to hell there are bodyguards around to keep you safe from the shitstorm that brews inside me. 

Yes.I have “sick-bitchness”  This normally nice and caring boy becomes a crazy fat piece of crap when he is sick.  

My throat hurts, I’m tired, and not having fun.  The hell-fury inside is masked by a horribly pathetic attempt at my part to be nice and smile…. but it normally just comes out looking like this:


Ah but yes!  With the great pain of strep throat comes the great gains inside.  Being sick brings out that dreamer inside who gets lost so often.  No matter how much we think life sucks…. when were sick we always realized that you know… its better than this! 

I don’t want to be depressed anymore.  I don’t want to have anxiety or depression.  i want to find love. 


yea I’m saying it.  Im saying what every 24 yr old guy isn’t supposed to say.  I don’t wanna fuck around.  I want to find love.  I want to love someone and I want someone to love me in return. 

There.  Fuck you if you think that sounds stupid. 

Why else are we alive? 

I want to change the world and I think its possible. Ask yourself the reason for life.  What is the purpose of living?  Why are we on Earth?   If you’re answer is some immature shit like, “to have a good time” or “to party” you need to go fuck yourself because Im saying you’re wrong.



If you claim live your life like #YOLO I’m gonna reply with #BitchGrowTheFuckUpAndActuallyLiveALife

its time for us all to begin doing the things we need to do.

yes. Im ranting! Dammit!  Im ranting and I love it!  Ill take these rants all the way to the senate floor and won’t you join me?  


Ok, ok!  Im sorry!  yes, this is getting quite metaphysical and wordy and not making much sense and I’m sorry.

Ok here is the point:

We do only live once.  But hiding behind what society expects of us.  Living a life that consists of parties, drugs, fucking, drinking, and sleeping… that isn’t living.  The mainstream loves to flaunt that lifestyle of being YOLO (which that phrase alone and the people who use annoy me to death).

But what is life really about?  When you were a kid did you grow up thinking you were gonna have a 9-5?  Fighting the boredom off everyday just because you want a nicer car? Or a two story house? 

Standard common children who live the yolo lifestyle when they’re young grow up to be standard adults who struggle in the 9-5 world


Don’t believe me?  Ask yourself this:

Who goes to bed feeling more accomplished?  A member of sea shepherd who just got back from 3 months in the Arctic Sea fighting whalers…or you?

Who lives a more meaningful life?  Maya Angelou?  A woman whose words have brought inspiration to millions and has changed the face of racism….or you? 

Who has experienced more excitement in life?  Niel Armstrong as he blasted his way out of Earth’s orbit… or you?

Im not trying to put anyone down.  hey right now I’m right there with you.  I feel bored and not satisfied with what I’ve done in life.



But I want to.  Im ready to take the leap into the unknown because I have to.  I can stand living a life of mediocrity anymore. 

So how bout you dear reader?  What are or were your dreams and goals that you need to accomplish… and lets get one em! 

~ The Dark Horse



8 thoughts on “Lets All Rise Like The Phoenix!

    1. I know! Its crazy! Its like…. how does a sore throat, a runny nose and a headache throw you off balance so much?!?!?!

      But I’m just glad that toady I’m feeling a little better. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel haha!

    1. hey thanks! Im glad people are reading my blog!!!! haha when i first started I was worried I was writing for nothing, so it makes me feel so good to know that someones benefiting from it!

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