Let The Sun Shine In!



So this past week I have not really been posting much and its because I had tonsillitis.  So I was sitting in my bed, living off of antibiotics and thai takeout.  But now… oh man.   Did you ever know life was so good? 

Did you know how good it feels to get fresh air?  To walk outside?  To be able to focus on something other than how much pain you’re in?  


Yes.  Sickness hits me hard.  I think sickness hits all of us with depression and anxiety hard.  But maybe there is a use to it?  because afterwards you realize how great life is.  I mean for example.

Ive had a routine going on weekdays:


Eat something then head to my favorite cafe to drink some tea and write these blog entries

Then dinner

and then off to the gym for a short workout. 


So before sickness my mind was filled with… The cafe is only down the street from my apartment.  Why couldn’t I have found a cafe further away to prove to myself  I can do it?  And My workouts aren’t as long as they used to be…. why am i such a weak loser? 

But now I’m like… YOU KNOW WHAT?????

I love blogging at this cafe.  I have made really good friends with the family who owns it and its gotten to the point where when I’m here I usually been spend half the time talking to them instead of blogging!  Had I gone to a cafe further away I wouldn’t have met these great people and found a new place in the city I feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

And also… look I haven’t held a real workout routine ever since I got hit with all this bullshit in late November.  So OF COURSE I’m not going to be in the shape I used to be in when i was consistently working out 5 times a week! 

And you know what?  I didn’t realize how much I loved going to this cafe and returning to the gym until I got sick.  


Im on the path to happiness. Sure its slow and sure its not a constant arrow up.  There are dips and pivots.  


Thats what the road to recovery really looks like.  Its messy.  its dirty.  But its always improving! 


~Remember that, its a big bright world out there people!

THE DARK HORSE (never proofread! Take that 6th grade English teacher!)

* Also tomorrow I’m going to make a post thats really dear to me about Miranda Lambert.  Don’t like her or don’t know who she is??? WHATEVER! READ IT! 



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