Me, Miranda Lambert, and The Only Song You’ll Ever Need To Live Again


I am sooooo happy to finally be sharing with you one of my favorite, if not my favorite musical artists of all time.  Miranda Lambert has a song for pretty much every major even in my life. I love her music so much and i think anyone out there who is hurting could benefit from it. I PROMISE! 


lets stat with her song NEW STRINGS 


New Strings is the story of Miranda leaving her Texas hometown for Los Angeles to pursue her dreams after (i assume) leaving a bad relationship.  This song is so inspirational and cool to me because its kind of my story.  Im from a boonfuck city in Ohio.  Growing up nobody ever believed in me.  Nobody ever cared.  Nobody ever thought Id end up being the most adventurous person to graduate from my class.  So when I was in high school saying things like, “Im gonna go to LA to make movies to inspire people to be better” I got a lot of blank stares, laughs, and put downs. 

“I’ll grab the wheel and point it west
Pack the good and leave the rest
I’ll drive until I find the missing piece
You said I wouldn’t get too far on a tank of gas
And an empty heart
But I have everything I’ll ever need
I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings”

So yeah, obviously this song means a lot to me.  Because hey…in 2010… guess what city I ended up in??????


Thats right bitches!   I was living it up in the westside of LA.  I started to do some extra work and was even picked up by a modeling agency! 

Now I’m not gonna say my life there was all blue skies and puffy clouds.  In fact, I found that I didn’t fit in there too well.  But its ok.  I don’t think Ive done too bad for myself… cuz guess where this little boy from Ohio is living now? ….


Hell ya!  Ive gone down under!  Not too bad hey? 

“Mama said I never should have done it
Should have ended us before we ever started
Daddy knew about my pride so he stood there
And he smiled inside and I pretended that I
Didn’t notice a little tear that fell when I said I was going”


Oh yeah…. this wasn’t easy.  Trust me.  This move was not easy at all.  But remember a few blogposts ago when I talked about “the road less traveled”?  Going your own route in life is NEVER EASY! But I fully believe that it leads to a life the common man can’t even imagine.  Guess how many people in my hometown even know where I am right now?  AND GUESS HOW MUCH I CARE???? 


“I’ll grab the wheel and point it west”

Yea.  Thats right Miranda, Ive always headed west as well.  Chicago, to Los Angeles, to the woods of Canada, and now here to Australia.  Hell Ive gone so far west this time I’ve actually ended up in the far east!

Yes. my mom worries about me.  Yes I sometimes miss home.  Yes when I got here to Australia years of depression morphed into insane panic attacks and constant anxiety.  Another bump in the road as far as I’m concerned.  Ive gotten so much better than I used to be.   Seriously read my first couple of entries.  I was a train wreck!  But not anymore. 

“But I have everything I’ll ever need
I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings”

We all have a brand new set of strings.  Each one of us can change out tune whenever we want.  its about finding how and finding why.  For me, I had no life in my hometown. I was the weird gay kid that was made fun of.  I was never going to amount to anything.  I needed bigger. I needed more.  For me to be the best I can be I had to run.  Run westward into the sunset with all the good, the bad, and the damn right outrageous life that has come with it. 


Onward and Upward!



2 thoughts on “Me, Miranda Lambert, and The Only Song You’ll Ever Need To Live Again

    1. Hell yeah! i hope you liked the post!

      Another great song by Miranda Lambert that I think you should listen to is Mama Im Alright. It will help you wanna keep going!

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