Back To The Gym… This Is Going To Suck


Ah yes.  So a month ago I made a post about returning to the gym.  I had 2 weeks of doing really well…and then, of course. I got sick.  I got tonsillitis and was knocked out for 2 weeks.  Today is the day I return… hopefully triumphantly to the gym! 


But why is it that the gym is so hard for all of use with depression, anxiety, and panic?  Its actually hilarious. When you read medical websites or talk to therapists you see one thing over and over again…

Exercise with make you feel better! 

But then if you ever look at blogs or chat forums from people who actually have depression, anxiety, or panic you hear something completely different.  Something more along the lines of:

The gym causes me more anxiety and makes me feel horrible about myself


So where are getting lost in translation?  Here is my thought on it.

YES the gym probably is good for us physically.  It helps release endorphins, reduces cholesterol, fat, helps the blood pump blah blah blah, you know the story.  But it also is extremely hard for us going through problems because its so strenuous, and everyone there is shallow and makes us feel worse.  

So how can we change this? We obviously need to go to the gym for out health, but how can we do so when its so hard for us mentally? 

Byt throwing out everything Ive ever said before.  Forget being a good person.  Forget the ideals for a better world.  Forget decency. 

Everyone there is exposing as much skin as possible and look like they’re models about to go walk the runway SO UTILIZE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! 

be a horndog is what I’m saying.

Anytime you start feeling stressed… well how bout you stare at that cute guy over there?  Or look at her boobs for a while.  Oh yeah I’m saying it.  Forget modesty BUT REMEMBER!  YOURE FORGETTING MODESTY FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR HEALTH! 

Heart starting to race? Feeling sweaty?  getting uncomfortable? 


Really?  Are you sure you’re still focusing on how miserable you are?

Or maybe you’re feeling a bit tired and worn out.  Worried you won’t make it through your workout?


Are you sure? i have a feeling you’re thinking about something else right now! 

ugh… and here is the obligatory girl picture… stupid straight guys.


PS boys, she looks like a bitch… but whatever, if you’re into that kind of thing



See, I’m feeling ready to take on the gym already! 

Get up, Run, Jump, get active, and never proofread! 

~The Dark Horse


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