Whoopi Goldberg’s Advice For Feeling Better!


Hello my honey-baby-child-luvin-stuffin-muffins! Its me…. The worldly and wonderful Whoopi Goldberg! 

You may know me as that crazy lady from Ghost. Or perhaps the rockin’ sister-nun in Sister Act.  And some of you may even watch me weekday mornings on The View.  But today old Whoopi is here to help all my suagr-dumplins feel better when they’re feelin’ all down. 



Thats right Children!  improving your diet can always help you feel better!  Fruits that contain Vitamin C like, oranges, watermelons, strawberries, blueberries, and even those sweet, sweet banannerz!  Whoopi lover herself some bana-rama-nanazers! 



Thats right!  Even I, the all-powerful Whoopi Goldberg gets a bit down sometimes.  And nothin’ makes me feel better than holding my head high and giving a good smile and compliment.  Just last week during commercial break I turned to my view co-hostess and sista-from-anotha’-mista, Joy Behar cuz she was lookin’ all down.  And so i says, “Joy my lovely little sweet luscious ladybug.  You were fabulous today!”  And then me and Joy both felt better!   



Thats right!  Anytime someone in my life doesn’t believe in me or tries to put me down I give em on these!  Stare down that naysaying neanderthal who doesn’t believe in you!  Ms. Whoopi loves givin’ haters a good “PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN RIGHT NOW!” face that old gramma’ used to give me when id try to steal more than one cookie from the jar

Heres another example:

Movie Producer: “I don’t know Whoopi…. will anyone really want to see a movie about a singing nun?




Thats right sugar babies!  The rest is history! 



yes yes yes and yes!  Ole’ Whoopi loves to shake dat ass when she’s feeling down.   Put on your favorite tune and get giggly… and a bit giggly with it y’all! Check out this earlier entry to find out some great songs to get down to when you’re feeling down! 



Alright my Sweet Thangs’   Rock Out With Your Cock Out! 

~Whoopi Out! 


5 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg’s Advice For Feeling Better!

      1. hahahaha! (in the voice of Whoopi Goldberg) Honeychild you take that manic laughter and make work with a little juggle and wiggle and whole lotta’ love!

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