Songs For An Anti-Caziness Shower!


So back when I first started blogging I made a post for something called an “anti-craziness shower”.  Here is the link:

Basically whenever you’re feeling down follow those simple steps and you will feel like a new man (or woman) afterwards! 

The point of this blogpost is to give you amazing songs to listen to while taking your anti-craziness shower.  These are guaranteed to get your blood pumping once more, bring a smile to your face, and help you remember that there will in fact be a tomorrow! 

Lets go!

Lose Myself by Lauryn Hill 


This song is wonderful!  Its all about being true to yourself and finding the better person who lives within!  A must-have choice for any good anti-craziness shower! 


Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid 

Oh yeah thats right… I’m saying it! HAVE YOU EVER SHOWERED TO THIS SONG??? NO??? THEN DONT BASH IT! You’ll feel amazing and happy afterwards! Sometimes we all need a little Disney break (in no way am I supporting the plot of this movie though… I think it has many terrible lessons).  


Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge 

Oh yes. I will admit… songs don’t get much gayer than this…. maybe only rivaled in gayness by a Cher concert in Palm Springs, but the point is this is song is AWESOME! Its just great in every way!  You will smile and feel great and probably sing along (yes straight men you will… you don’t have to admit to me or to anyone else..but in the privacy of you’re on shower you will sing along, I’m not stupid) 


Nth Degree by Morningwood 

Slightly inappropriate? yes sure… Insanely fun? OH HELL YA!  This song’s driving beat paired with campy lyrics will compliment the fun and comfort of a steamy shower perfectly! 


Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root

yes its the song you all know and love! But have you ever played it in the shower?  It opens up a whole new experience that is sure to please! 


Powerless by Nelly Furtado

Amazing song that somehow slipped under the radar.  This was from Nelly Furtado’s second album… or as I see it, her last album before becoming modern-pop-trash. 


God Is A DJ by P!nk

great great great great song!  listen enjoy and rock out! 


Alright there you have it! Your anti-craizness shower playlist!  Now get going! 


~ The Dark Horse


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