Im Going To Try To Embrace The Changes


So Im going to try to embrace the changes that are at hand.  Right now, the job I work at isn’t doing good.  Its a new cafe with a manager that doesn’t know what he’s doing. With all the other competition for cafes in Melbourne… obviously this sub-par one doesn’t stand a chance. We are not getting enough customers and the boss is getting extremely irritable. Our hours are going down and Im worried we won’t be open for much longer.

my mind is racing…what will I do without a job? How will I survive the strenuous task of finding a new one?  All the stress and rejection?  All the work that so often goes unrewarded.


But this won’t help me….not now.  Dreading whats to come isn’t helpful.  And honestly… do I want another cafe job? Im a 24 year old college graduate, and Im not a stupid person.  I want a good job.  A better job.  One that makes me happy and one that allows me to feel accomplished .  This job will never be able to do that for me.   This job is just “something to pay the bills”


I need to learn to have faith in myself.  To trust in my ability to find a job and survive this.  Even though it might be hard and obviously isn’t my ideal situation I need to remember where i was inDecember and how far I’ve come since then.

And even more, I need to let go of fear!


Fear is the true enemy here.  Fear is what has been keeping me from getting a real job.  Instead of looking for a good job I would love, I have sat back and gone… but I need money.  I need a job and I need it now! I don’t care what it is!

ladies and gentlemen I will admit its time for me to grow up.   Its time for me to take on a real role in life.  Something bigger and something better. 

Eye To The Sky

~The Dark Horse


4 thoughts on “Im Going To Try To Embrace The Changes

  1. Fear is the enemy here. Don’t give in and good luck on your journey to bigger and better things.

    1. Thanks so much! yeah, knocking down the walls of fear is something that I haven’t done until very recently in my life. But so far, its been working out pretty well for me, so id like to continue to grow and become a better person!

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