Glimpses Of The Old Me Are Shining Through Once More

2013 © Christopher Martin

So i stumbled upon this video of he northern lights I watched a lot winter 2011/2012 before I left for Canada.

It just reminded me of the spirit and hope I had before leaving for Canada.  Adventure was on the way and life was about to get good.  I was ready for anything.  Like an energetic little puppy who heard the leash and is now excited for a walk outside.

I could have handled anything at that point.

Just watching this video reminded of how good I felt inside;  Watching this video with the blinds to my window up at night so the winter moon could shine in with a brightness that only comes in winter,  With the moonlight reflecting off the snow that has everything covered.


I was so excited to see these lights.  It has always been one of my dreams  and I was about to make one of them come true….

When I first arrived in the Northwest Territories it was during the 30 days of light.  Which, in and of itself, was amazing, but what was even crazier is how much light you would lose come August. It seemed like everyday that went by you like 20 minutes of light .  Once it got dark enough to see the northern lights we saw them almost every single night for about 2 months.  And every time you just stop and look.

So im channeling that right now.  That spirit.  That drive.  That passion and that excitement.

Here is the video, will it charge you up

~Look Up, and Be Amazed!



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