Who Says You Cant Go Home? Or, Lets Get Our Passion Back!



Yes, lets talk bout this! 

So in 20 days I will be returning home to Ohio.  Hot, muggy, Middle-America.  And yes, I’m excited.

I heard Dolly Parton’s new song HOME last night and I’m already obsessed because its so true.  And its kind of weird too, because I will be the first person to shit on my hometown and talk about how Ohio is a hellhole.

And yet there is this odd affection for it.  I will always have the memories of my childhood and will always get that weird sense of relief whenever I see my house after months or years of being away.  Thats just how it is.  That is HOME. It is your good and it is your bad.  but it is YOU. 


Im hoping home brings me peace and allows me to refresh my mind.  I feel like Ive made a big turn these past 2 days.  The stuff Ive been worrying about just seems so trivial now because it is.  Im a hard worker.  If the job I’m working at falls through and I need to look for new work Ill manage.  If I have to leave to a new country ill embrace it as a chance for adventure and to make new friends, and maybe even meet the love of my life?

Going home will be good for me.  It will be a chance to remember what is important to me.

~ Having friends and finding love

~ Changing the world in hopes of it becoming better (even it is through small steps like this blog)

~ Experiencing adventure

~ Never compromising my beliefs

The rest is trivial.  What job i have in the meantime, where I’m living. What I’m wearing., and the rest of the bullshit.


get up, dry those tears, and join me in not being afraid to live life anymore!  If death is coming than death is coming but until then Im going to try to be the best I can be!

~ Going Home

The Darj Horse


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