You know what a scorpion is right? But do you know how scary they are?  They are probably one of the strongest living things around!


Did you know a scorpion can survive by only eating 1 insect a year?  Thats right! They are survivors!  Did you also know that a scorpion can be frozen solid?  And then when it thaws out it will return to life?  Or how about, you could submerge a scorpion for days and it will still live? Or did you even know that some scorpions can live to be 30 years old?

So the next time you hear someone talk about how a cockroach can survive anything, remind them of the scorpion!


Ok ok, here’s a crazy one!

Did King Tut have a bedwetting problem?


When they discovered King Tut’s tomb they found that he was buried with 145 pairs of underwear!   Did they want their boy King to prepared for the afterlife in case puberty called during death…I mean he did die at 18?  Or Maybe it was an act of ancient Egyptian Roadies?  I mean hey, girls throw their bras and underwear at rockstars all the time! Maybe this was an ancient version of teen superstardom?   Or maybe he just had a bladder problem?


How about this one… have you ever heard of a Brazilian girl named Catarina Migliorini?  If not you should look her up.  She is either a complete slut with a nympho problem, or she is an extremely smart businesswoman who is building an empire by getting men all hot and bothered.


So it all started when she had an idea to auction off her virginity online to the highest bidder.  The auction was open to anyone in any country.  To avoid being charged with prostitution the…um… “deed”… was to be done in the bathroom of an airplane flying over international waters.  The top bidder was a Japanese man offering her 780,000 dollars.  She however called off the auction when a filmmaker offered to pay her money to make a movie about the auction, with the stipulation of it being a new auction so the film crew could be there from day one.   Check out the trailer here:


However, that plan was also canceled when a major network offered her a few million dollars to make losing her virginity into a reality show called, Theres Something About Catarina.  The premise will be much like The Bachelorette where the winner gets a lot of money and a pretty girl, but the winner won’t have to date Catarina, only have sex with her.

However, this is the fourth time she’s stopped the “auction” due to a “better circumstance” arising and each time she gains more and more money, so the real question is… does she have a real desire for sex? Is she even a virgin? or is she playing everyone and making millions of their hormones?


You know about flying fish right?



Well did you know that on average these fish can fly above the water for about 160 feet?  But when in need can stay out of water for up to 660 feet and can penetrate the surface and jump up to 19 feet?



So the next time you’re feeling down remember there is more than meets the eye!

The Dark Horse


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