We Are All Weird, And Its Awesome!



So this post is kind of inspired by this movie I used to watch about 10 years ago called CAMP. Its about these kid who go to theater camp over the summer and sing and dance and have drama and blah blah blah.

Anyway, the point I want to bring up is that in the film there is an old washed up theater producer who has been signed up to to teach the adjunct style, but because he’s washed up he’s just a bitter bitch the whole time and makes a statement saying something like, “This camp is insane.  You’re all different and losers and outcasts and running away to this camp to feel like you’re not weird is just deluding yourselves from reality and its only making your worse people in the end”.



However as the film goes on the kids show him that talent and individuality is awesome and with the help of a few good musical numbers from classic musicals he is converted and then says something like, ‘You know I was wrong.  I thought it was bad for you all to be here, but here’s the deal.  YOURE ALL WERID.  And you will always be weird.  And no matter how much people want you to conform you just won’t because it isn’t in your nature.  And I think you should embrace and rock the differences you have because thats what makes you awesome.”  (massively paraphrased, I’m sorry, watch the movie)

But thats how I am, and I think thats how many of you reading this are too.  We are the weird ones.  The ones who don’t really fit in anywhere, and struggle with understanding why people are the way they are.  But also the ones who have the most talent and are more capable of accomplishing out dreams because we KNOW THE VALUE OF OUR DREAMS because they are the one real thing we have ever really had in our lives.

Star Camp / Camp


PS- Any Anna Kendrick fans out there? Check out her little known role in this film, she is bat shit crazy but absolutely awesome.  

But yeah, really think about that.  Think about any instance where you’ve tried to fit in…. hasn’t worked out too well has it?  Nope, didn’t think so.  But thats ok!  Thats good actually!  It means you’re an individual and have a soul that you’re not willing to compromise in order to fit in with the commoner.

Listen to this song, its really good….a bit sappy… but its the final number of the movie and really sums up the whole point of the film!

And here is the first song from the film.  Both of these are amazing.


Keep singing, Keep dancing, life can be like High School Musical if we all just rehearsed a bit…but do we really want to?




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