The Bad Just Keeps On Coming Doesn’t It? We Gotta Muster Through!



So my apartment is the junkiest piece of crap this Earth has ever seen.  Its basically a new tenement building from New York circa 1910.   It looks pretty from the outside because its a brand new building, but the true of merit of the building is proven when you walk inside. Our elevators break almost weekly (I have counted. I have been stuck in our elevators 8 times) Our hot water was shut off for a week last month.  Then a few weeks ago the gas was turned off for a week.  And now I wake up to find our building has no power.



I feel like I’m living in the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland.  Where the elevators could just drop to me to my death hat any point or the spirits of the dead that are trapped inside will pull me into the void between life and death that I’m certain exists within confines of my building.

Was it built on an Indian burial ground like Poltergeist?  The the building owner piss of an old gypsy who cursed the building and its future inhabitants?

WHAT IS IT?   What else could be the reasoning? 

Oh wait…I know…Its probably like 13 Ghosts, and there are a bunch of crazed dead people locked in the basement and they are trying to lure mechanics into the basement of the building by causing our utilities to go out one by one and then once he’s down there they can feast on his soul and gain enough energy to rise and take over Earth….  YEAH YOU HEAR THAT???? You crafty spirits! Im on to you! You aint feating on my soul bitches!



Ah but yes, its a hard lock life for the dead I suppose.  They have to get their souls somehow, just as I must muster through thug abad prevail.

Anyone else out there feel like this kind of shit keeps happening to you?  Bad after bad with no end in sight?   Well we just need to stand tall!  Im sure if we thought long and hard we could name BILLIONS of people in this world who have it was worse.

So remember that bad moments will make us stronger in the end and I think we can all do it! I really do!  I think we can all get through bad situations and come out better in the end!

Rock it out!

The Dark Horse


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