In It To Win It!

So this song is very supercharged for me.  Growing up and dreaming of making it LA to go into movies, this song was my anthem. The only problem was… it was also the anthem of every high school kid in Ohio.



The difference was that I was serious.  I actually had a goal and was determined to accomplish it.  Every other kid was just lying to themselves about the fantasy they would live outside of Middle America one day, but not me.  I was balls to the wall serious about escaping my boonfuck hometown.

They however, obviously so obsessed with themselves, were never able to see that I was much more determined than they were.   They believed that the idea of SoCal was for them and I was just a loser who was trying be “one of the cool kids” and pretend like I cared about California as well.



But Oh… They didn’t know the truth.  They never knew, and Im pretty sure they still have no idea.


And I want all of you to be as well!  I did make it out to California.  And I even started modeling while I was there.  How many other kids from my high school came out to California? …. 0.   Thats right. None, zip, nadda, nope! not one!

What I’m trying to show you is that the people who put you down in life.  The ones who don’t believe in you and want nothing more than for you to fail, are the weakest people you’ll ever meet.   They are scared, weak, small, and lazy.


If you have a dream and a goal.  GO FOR IT!  Even if you see yourself as the weakest most unpopular hated person in the world.  GO AND DO IT!  

The road to bettering yourself is a noble and worthwhile one!  Don’t let the negativity of of others make you feel that you like you can’t accomplish the goals you have.  Because you can for sure!  I KNOW YOU CAN! 

So, Im now here living in Australia.  And yesterday I heard “California” come on the radio at a cafe I was at and I just kind of sat back and smiled.    Thought of my journey through life so far.  From Ohio to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to The Northwest Territories, and now to here in Melbourne.    Its been a journey thats for sure.  And I will tell you it doesn’t always go as planned….but hey, thats life!


Keep your eye to the sky and remember that you’re not normal!  You’re in it to win it!

The Dark Horse!


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