Trying To Find Where I Belong, Or, Looking For A Place To Land



Can I get an AMEN? Who out there doesn’t know this feeling?  The feeling of, where do I belong and where do I fit in?  Do you ever have that feeling that life is like the great geese migration? Everyone is in their proper V formation.  They all know their place and their duty.  They don’t ask where they’re going because it isn’t their problem.  They’re just following someone else’s lead.

And yet maybe you don’t feel that way.  Maybe you never wanted to fly south for the winter like them.  Or maybe you wanted to take the more scenic route instead of the quickest way with the rest of the flock.


Yeah….Im right with you there.   And I think thats why Ive always associated with the albatross.   I’ve always taken my one path.  Not because I think I’m cool or unique or anything… in fact growing up, I wanted to be normal so badly! I couldn’t understand why I just was so different from the other kids.  Why I wanted different things from my life.  Why I was never content with them…


And yeah, my path in life has not been easy, and yeah its been messy.  Buts its also been exciting, and wild.  Most importantly its been MINE.   At least when I fuck up, I can know I fucked up.  I fucked up because of me.  I can rest assured knowing my life is mine.   And I think Im a better person because of it.  I really do.


So what about you guys out there?  Do you know this feeling?  Do you hate it, or do you like it?

I think anyone who does their own thing and fights for what they believe in is a good person.  I think were doing the right thing, and I hope all of you out there can see that.  I hope you can see that you shouldn’t be afraid to not fit in because that means you’re not compromising.  one day we will find our place to land, and we will be so much happier than those who took the path of others instead of their own.




7 thoughts on “Trying To Find Where I Belong, Or, Looking For A Place To Land

  1. Where do we land is it going to take us long to get there , are we lost or are we just alone . Day in day out your there fighting to fit in find your place , do I know what I’m doing I don’t know but being alone is terrible , some times you sell yourself cheap to anyone just to have some to talk to and not spend your days thinking of your end. It’s hard and it’s killing me from inside , maybe being in a floc is safer not happier but safer that’s all.

    1. Yes in general the smoothest course is the safest. But just think of the movie Pocahontas. Had she taken what seemed the smoothest course at the time, war would have broken out and no resolution would have been in sight.

      I guess for me, the RIGHT path is more important than the smoothest one.

      I think you’re like me and would benefit learning about the Albatross. they can spend years over the open ocean completely alone until they find their mate. But once they do, they remain monogamous until the day they die. You can tie up just because it easier! You gotta fight the good fight!

  2. It’s not easy but I know it’s worth it just have to hang in there that all thanks for what you write man it get me thinking positive just have to keeps those thoughts I hope I will be fine and you will find home .

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