The Boy From OKCupid… Or, Remembering Whats Important In Life


Yes, I am sort of talking to a boy on OkCupid, because even though I am depressed and quite over life at the moment….I still believe that happiness is possible, true love exists, and an adventurous  life still awaits me.    true story people! 

So, he messaged me last week.  I clicked on his profile and saw that he lives in Florida (I’m currently living in Australia). So this is for sure some long-distance-cupid-action!

But I messaged him anyways because I read his profile and saw his pictures and I thought he was both really cute and really likable.

Then 3 days ago we Skyped and I was kind of like a big eyed little schoolgirl and couldn’t help it.  But the best part was, so was he.  He smiled a lot and sometimes he just had that look that boys get when they like you, where they just kind of stop what they’re doing and just get a big grin.


Ok so Im rambling.  ANYWAY HERE’S THE POINT! 

So, he is studying environmental engineering and marine biology and just got his LEED certification (which is every Hippies dream).  He wants to go to grad school in Iceland to work with the geothermal energy they produce and is learning to play the violin just for fun.

So here’s the deal.  I know that nothing will come from this.  With the distance it is impossible, and I know we just met, so Im not trying be like Oh i found true love at last!

But what I am saying is that I’m realizing that I am not really doing too much with my life.  Yes, I traveled down here to Australia…big deal. I was working in a cafe just being a glorified tourist for a year.  That isn’t really the most thrilling or accomplished life to live.  So when I talk to him and I see someone who actually is going somewhere, who is going to make a difference, and who is extremely happy with their life, it made me start to think:


Maybe its time to stop focusing on roaming the world and start focusing on actually changing it.


Sometimes you learn stuff in the weirdest ways yeah?   Ok, well, here we go!

The Dark Horse


9 thoughts on “The Boy From OKCupid… Or, Remembering Whats Important In Life

  1. Hey, if the conversation is good and enriches your day to day life – keep at it. If you’re in Australia now, there’s no reason you can’t eventually meet this person if you both want it to happen.

    Good for you 🙂 OK Cupid is by far the best free website.

    All the best,

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