Would You Ever Go To Jurassic Park?


Yes thats right y’all adventure awaits!  And Its up to us to find it.  And I’ve been saying things a lot.  A lot of things that are driving people around me a bit crazy…. well rather its making them think IM CRAZY.  

For example, I’m not very content with my life.  I find it to be boring.  I think that I’m not using my skills and adventurous spirit.  I feel like I’m living in standby!  And I feel like everyone else is too….but they don’t seem to know it. AND THAT IS PARTLY WHAT MAKES ME DEPRESSED.

And So Ive been asking people questions like.. “If you could go to space, would you have the courage to do so?”

or, “You find out there is secret organization that rules the world and the deals of diplomacy and relations between nations is really done through this secret James Bond type organization, not things like the UN.  The balance of the world is in their hands.  To save it, or to destroy it.  The come to your house one day and say they want to recruit you.  Would you do it?”

And I keep hearing answers like…. WHAT?  or THATS A WERID THING TO ASK?  or NO IM HAPPY WITH WHAT IM DOING or GO AWAY…..

And then I sit there and realize why I hate common people.  THEY ARE SO BORING!  Who cares if you wouldn’t actually want to go to space or whatever, the fact that you can’t even fathom answering the question just for fun shows how boring you are.  What else are you doing with your day?  Talking about sports?  Gossiping about the girl in the cubicle next to you?  and you act like I’m wasting your time because I ask those questions?  HOW VALUABLE IS YOUR TIME DEAR COMMONER… I ASK YOU THAT, I MEAN SERIOUSLY…fuckin twats.

Anyhoo, so blog readers, I have a question for you.  Someone comes to you and says that they have devised a real Jurassic Park on an island and they want you to come visit and give your advice and help because you hold a unique set of qualities that they find interesting.

Do you do it? 


Would you be scared?  You’re told you’ll have to leave your life behind for at least a few months, maybe longer….but more importantly, you are advised of the dangers of dealing with real dinosaurs on a secluded island where help from the outside world would have to be flown in.

But you’re also told of the life changing effect this will have on you. Incredible teamwork, new friends from around the world, daring situations, a tight night family bond, and the first people (maybe the only people) to ever be able to see dinosaurs resurrected from the dead.



One of the guys who works at this cafe I’m blogging just came over for a chat and I asked him this very question just now and what did he say? …. WHY WOULD I DO THAT ?

uuuggghhhh….. I love him to death, he’s a great guy, but seriously?  I just can’t comprehend how people are happy with working during the week, getting drunk and looking for sex on the weekends and then repeat that step till you’re married, and then spend the rest of your life taking care of your kids wishing you were still young and getting smashed and fucking random people.  HOW DOES THAT SOUND BETTER THAN THIS KIND OF ADVENTURE?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??????


But yeah, I understand there is danger.  But there is also the opprotunity to experience something so big and so large and so great… that… isn’t it maybe worth dying for?  If you’re going to spend you’re entire life sleeping, why are you living?


So I want to know, what do you think?  Am I crazy? Or is there anyone else out there who would be down for an adventure like this?

The Dark Horse


7 thoughts on “Would You Ever Go To Jurassic Park?

  1. What is CRAZY !!
    People think your crazy when you talk about things they don’t understand . If it wasn’t for the crazy people we wouldn’t have electricity , planes , computers or internet. They took the risk to give mankind wonderful things to prove that’s all of the doubts people had about them where nothing compared to the greatness and craziness within them. I wish I could go to out of space or meet a real live dinosaur . Don’t worry your not crazy , you just live outside the system bullshit.

    1. hahaha nice! Im glad there are other people out there who are down to live a life of extremes! one of my favorite quotes: “For those who fight for it. Life will have a flavour the sheltered will never know.”

  2. People like that are so boring! I would definitely go for an adventure like that. It would be so exciting to visit an island with living dinosaurs! Definitely worth the risks. I like the idea of being approached because I hold a unique set of interesting qualities! How could anyone say no?
    I’d also like to go into space, but in a Star Trek way more than an Apollo 13 way. Or like in Deep Impact, that would be exciting.
    Sorry you have such boring companions 🙂

    1. haha yeah I think i need to do something daring. Like join Sea Shepard or maybe go into politics or something. So i can meet other people who have larger than life ambitions, because yes…. my companions are quite boing. But I’m also 24 and most people my age are still in that point of their life where they think YOLO means to get drunk every night…and i sit there and am like…. you are such sheep

      1. DUDE! Sea Shepard is awesome! So I’m currently living Melbourne which is where Sea Shepard docks their Antarctic operations, and i was working at LUSH for a bit, which provides Sea Shepard with all their soaps and shampoos for their journeys so they would come in and we would all just be like.. OH MY GOD ITS SEA SHEPHERD!!!!! Im a total enviro-nerd!

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