They Who Lick Honey Off Knives, or The Culture Of Ongoing Pain


So, we read this book in high school called The Lords Of Discipline.  And it was actually a pretty good book but what has always stuck with me was a quote from the main character talking about those who have hurt him and he says,

“The adversary who is truly formidable is the one who works within the fortress walls, singing pleasant songs while licking honey off knives”

This always stuck with me…  The idea of people who hate so much, and who are filled with so much pain that they are willing to really work toward destroying someone.   Like how for do you have rot away on the inside to be this person?

But then I kept rereading the quote over and over and reread the page its on and I remembered its about his mother, and how she hurt him without even knowing it.   She wasn’t even meaning to….it was more about how she never stood up against the norms.  She took her role as “Southern Woman” and so she participated in life as a Southern Woman.  Not standing up to her abusive husband, telling her son to do what a “southern boy” should do, teaching him to live the life of a “General’s son”…. but think about that

She lived her life based on roles that are PASSIVE and taught her children to be the same.

“Southern Wife”

“Southern boy”

“General’s son”

But NONE of these roles allow someone to be the person they WANT TO BE 


And so many people live in this lifestyle.  Living out roles that have been picked for them, as if its somehow noble to give up who you want to be for who someone told you to be.  And worse, out culture  puts down people who try to be themselves.  People who go….Im a guy but I don’t like football are called gay.  Girls who don’t want to wear heels are called Dykes.  Ugly people who claim they want to be actors are called CRAZY. 

But really are they?  And whats better? Being a crazy gay dyke or being a pussy bitch who never tried to live their own life?


I mean seriously, you wonder why America’s rates of depression, panic, anxiety, midlife crises, and suicide are so high??????  Maybe as a culture we need to look in the fucking mirror.   Really see the shithole we have dug for ourselves.   And I mean REALLY LOOK HARD 

Why is bullying seen as normal?  Why is it normal for guys to treat girls like shit?   Why is it normal to beat up gay people?


BUT THEN NEVER QUESTION PROBLEMS THAT ARE SO DAMN DESTRUCTIVE? (Like bullying/rape/suicide/) AND INSTEAD GO “boys will be boys” “kids will be kids” or my absolute favorite bullshit excuse… ‘Shit happens”


Why do we live in a world of black and white?  There are so many beautiful colors in-between that so many people don’t even want to see because…. what?



Ill conclude this with a great quote from the movie CONTACT.

So David Drumlin has been chosen to go to space because he backstabbed Ellie Arroway (who should have been the chosen candidate)because he claims that since she is an atheist she shouldn’t have the possibility to meet alien life because she doesn’t represent a majority of the Earth’s population who believe in God… Even though Ellie is the one who discovered the alien life.  So before he gets in the shuttle they have a quick encounter that goes:

David Drumlin: I know you must think this is all very unfair. Maybe that’s an understatement. What you don’t know is I agree. I wish the world was a place where fair was the bottom line, where the kind of idealism you showed at the hearing was rewarded, not taken advantage of. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world.

Ellie Arroway: Funny, I’ve always believed that the world is what we make of it.

Think about that.  Life is what we make of it.  So next time you want to have a “oh thats just the way life is” moment… remember its only that way because we allow it to be. 

Lets start allowing life to be colorful like it was meant to be, ok?


Believe In Yourself,



7 thoughts on “They Who Lick Honey Off Knives, or The Culture Of Ongoing Pain

  1. I don’t like how we’re all driven down the same path; you’re expected to go through education, get a job, family and so on. If you say you want anything different many people will try to discourage you. Well I actually want to work hard to get a career that I want, not be pushed into a job I’m not happy with. Even though I’m a girl I actually wouldn’t be fussed if I never had kids – it just isn’t a priority of mine. Many people do just go along with things and accept it as being the way things are. Perhaps it’s easier for them to do this than to try and rationalise the jumbled mess of life. I tend to question my surroundings a lot because I like to understand why things are the way they are. Some social rules are important to stick to, but many just seem like random formalities with no real purpose.

    I’ve been shouted before while walking down the street because of the clothes I wear. They’re not inappropriate clothes, it’s just a part of my sub-culture. I have no idea what people get out of shouting their opinions at random strangers that they’ll never see again for no real reason. I don’t like what they wear, they don’t like what I wear, but each to their own lets move on. While some lifestyles I personally wouldn’t agree with (like people who would rather sleep around than settle down), I just think if that makes them happy and nobody is hurt in the process who am I to tell them to live differently..

    1. yeah exactly! I heard a great quote one time that goes something like… Life is sticky, it is dirty, it is messy, and it is gross. Thats just the way it is.

      It kind of reminds me of what you’re talking about because yeah i think a lot of people try to make everything cookie cutter and nice because its easier because when you look at how confusing and challenging life can be it can scare people with low ambitions or lack of self awareness. But i think in the end we will find life to be much more exciting going down the messy path

      1. I do think life will never be perfect. I feel quite strongly about issues such as bullying (probably due to my own bad experiences) but I’m not sure if it will ever go away. It’s amazing at all that so many different people can live side by side as peacefully as they do. I’m guilty for feeling jaded about the world sometimes, but then I suppose we have to try and live for the good moments and persevere through the bad. Many people just want to get through life as easily as possible, even if it means doing things they don’t like sometimes (I totally understand why because often I can drive myself crazy trying to understand things.) The ‘it’s just the way life is’ response does annoy me though. As you said, ‘life is what we make of it’ and if we all just accepted everything as it came we’d never change or evolve. I know that we have to expect to sometimes do things that we don’t like, but in some instances I wonder if we asked ‘how can we improve this’ you would find some way to make things better for everyone. I also think that I only have this one life and If I don’t try to follow my ambitions and be true to myself I’ll one day end up regretting it. Even if I do fail, I’m still more likely to make something good at my life than not trying at all.

        I quite like the band Tommy Spase And The Alchemists because some of their songs feel like they are about life and making the most of it – the song Wild Blue Yonder for example ( Some of Tommy Spase’s solo work is also pretty good for their lyrics.

      2. Hun, I think you should read the theoretic of extraterrestrial life. its really interesting and its all about…well basically Utopia. Many scientists believe that if there is alien life that have the technology to come to Earth they never would because they are SO FAR advanced beyond us. Not just in technology but in their ideals of hatred, religion, politics, and so on. Also try a movie called “What the Bleep Do We Know” Its insanely bashed by people and I do admit some of it is kinda BS but there are also great inspirational parts of it. also one of the ladies refers to us as being “Backwater” and so far behind other forms of life that probably exist.

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