Ready To Run, Or, When Life Needs A Shake Down


Im at that moment where Im just ready to run.

The past month has kind of sucked, and I was trying to deny it.  I was so proud of myself for making all the progress with the panic and anxiety, so the last thing I wanted to do was to be like… oh I’m in a shitty situation… but the reality of it was and is…I AM 

My job won’t be upping the hours anytime soon because its just a horribly ran business.  Im moving into a new apartment… theres nothing I can do about that…but hey, I never really was good friends with my roommate anyways.  And lets face it… Life has been pretty dead end here anyways.  I have been focusing on HOW WILL I GET THROUGH THE DAY because of the anxiety and panic… which was amazing at the time, and I really needed that period of sitting back and trying to make my life better each day because I was struggling each and every day.   But I’m not struggling anymore.  Im getting better and the OLD ME IS COMING BACK.  THAT ONE WHO WNATS TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO DO IT

This trip home will be good for me.  I am now excited… VERY excited for it.  Refresh, restart, and renew.  Come back fighting and ready to change the world, because right now my legs are tense….my heart is beating fast… I’m fidgeting everywhere, cuz baby….

Im Ready To Run 

Play this and read on! 

So goodbye life, its been nice…..


This whole ordeal and all… The ups and downs.  The wins and losses…. and to be honest, it needed to happen.  I needed this period of rebirth and regrowth.  Some real time to just recover from all the pain and trauma of the past….


But I must bid you all adieu.   For Something is calling… something big and grand.   A world is in need of someone to shake it up.  Anger some people, and bring about change

So, so long, and thanks for all the fish.




The Dark Horse




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