The Wind Of Change Are Here….Literally


So Melbourne is up to its wintertime antics again.  Rain, and enough wind to blow a pro-wrestler off his feet.    its always quite exciting though!  Ive always wondered what the center of a tornado looks like and now I know!

The whole city rattles around.  Street signs blow over, you can feel you apartment blowing slightly side to side (which is horrifying), trash bins are gone… to where? …. the street.. parks… in the river, wherever the wind takes them really.

But I love it, especially right now!  I feel like so much is changing right now both inside and out.  Visiting home, moving to a new apartment, finding a new job, and inside Im feeling more fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to go.

Perhaps the winds inside have beckoned mother nature to match?  (well… its a nice thought anyway)


How about you guys reading this?  Any of you feeling a certain little spark inside you maybe haven’t felt in a long time?

Maybe this is one those moments for YOU AS WELL?   HHHMMMM????  Perhaps there is a special magic little fire thats burning inside?  One that hasn’t been there in a long time?


Im definitely happy about it.  All the depression, the panic, and the anxiety that I was like a giant weight on my back made me feel sick and weak everyday.   So I am quite happy that now the seas are getting rough, and the rain is falling by the bucketful!   Ive been numb for too long!


….now I know I used this for a blog a few days ago but i think its quite appropriate for today…



The dark horse! (was this post proofread? ….I don’t think so!)


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