A Lighthouse On An Island


So the other night I had this dream.   I don’t know why I haven’t been posting lately.  I really need to get back on top of this.  Ive just been very busy job hunting and figuring out what is to come next.

So the dream:

So I’m living in this lighthouse with like 5 other people.  But this lighthouse is on this island and there is nothing else.  You open the door to the lighthouse and it just opens up to water.   And we are in the middle of the ocean.  No land in sight in any direction.   I was so bored.  So lonely.  I felt so isolated and alone and vulnerable.   No way out.  Nowhere to go.  Just open deadly ocean all around me.  

And then I started having these flashbacks to before I was on the island.  I remember driving through this really quaint yet progressive college town.  Big trees, people walking with backpacks, and I remember there was a really cool apartment building.  Wasn’t big. Maybe only 6 stories.  But it was beautiful.  Big windows, and the whole thing was made out of wood 


And I just remember being in that dingy, damp, cold, lighthouse wondering why I didn’t appreciate that when i had it.   I was just thinking…. If I had known back then how miserable I would have been stuck in this lighthouse I never would have left.  


Why would I ever want to leave a bustling yet peaceful town for a life of seclusion and loneliness?



And thats my life right now.  Im stuck on the island.  

here are the facts.  Im 24. Im a college graduate.  I think I’m pretty smart and outgoing.  

Yet, I’ve never been in love.  Ive never felt like I belong.  Im always wandering.

And on top of that, my VISA will expire for for Australia in about 1 month, so nobody wants to hire me because Im bound to leave shortly after they get done training me.  

And even more so on top of that. IM done working minimum wage jobs and just mustering through life.  I want a career.  A job I can grow in.  A job where I can change the world.  And to do that I think I must return back to the trees. I think I need to return back to America.

~The Dark Horse 

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