Setting Up For The Next Journey


So, enough moping around.  Enough being tired.   Enough of all the bullshit.   I mentioned about a month ago that the cafe I was working at here in Australia was going bust and so i was losing  my job, and I it did and I did.   

It then put me in a really shitty place here in Australia.  My visa was to expire in 2 months and I had no job.  And obviously with a visa expiring so soon, nobody wanted to hire me.  

So, i started applying for jobs in America.   I have learned too much this past year.  The depression, anxiety, panic, loneliness, and desperation.   A victim no more I say! 

So I’ve been applying for fun jobs.  Exciting jobs.  Jobs where I could make great friends, be somewhere beautiful, and have an exciting life!  So this past week I have been SLAVING AWAY 

And I mean seriously slaving away.  I have been job hunting for about 6 hours a day everyday, NON STOP.   Applying for jobs I would love.  Resorts, airlines, conservation work, and non profits.

The hard work has paid off.

I have a phone interviewing a few days for a job at a resort on Mackinac Island.  

Mackinac Island

So a little rundown on Mackinac.  It is a small island located between mainland Michigan and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  There are only a very few numbers of cars on this island because they want to keep it pristine, so you bike everywhere or take a horseback carriage.   Pine trees and rock bays make up the core of the beautiful island, and its secluded, but not too secluded.

This would be amazing because first of all, food and lodging is provided.  Lodging is dorm style, so hopefully I could make some really good friends while I’m there, and on top of that I can just bank up all of my pay to use for my next adventure.


WHY ITS AWESOME:  Quaint island living, fall foliage, great food, and Mackinac is known for its famous fudge and taffy.

In a few days I also have a Skype interview for a country club down in the Smokey Mountains.


This will be kind of a polar opposite from Mackinac, but at the same time, very similar.

Instead of the “island life”, I would be heading to heart of North Carolina and working up in the hills of the Smokey Mountains.  The living would be the same.  Room and board provided dormitory style, and that hopefully means good memories to be made with some new friends.

As well, I may be working in a restaurant there which means tips from VERY wealthy Southerners. So I potentially could leave with some serious bank in my pocket! 

A creek runs through fall leaves and autumn colors in Smoky Mountains National Park.

Why Its awesome:  Rolling hills, babbling creeks, fall colors, and hopefully some awesome Bluegrass? 


So, Im trying to be proactive with my life now and make it what I want it to be.  I hope all of you reading are doing the same, and if not, try to start now!  It can’t hurt anymore than a life you already hate can it? 


~ The Dark Horse 


2 thoughts on “Setting Up For The Next Journey

  1. What a great journey of life! I am also grateful for your job acceptance. Maybe someday I will visit Mackinac island and Smokey mountain.
    Plus, if you have problem with anxiety, depression, or anything like that, just visit my website, or contact me @thegumf (twitter). I’ll gladly help you.

    1. Hey thanks! yeah there is actually a lot of evidence out there about how nature is really good for people who have depression and anxiety, so maybe we all need a little more natural beauty in our lives? 😉

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