NEVER BACK DOWN! Or, Keep Your Chin Up, And Be The Best You Can Be


Is anyone else out there just ready to kick some ass?   Like Maybe the Earth has moved out of orbit a little bit and has put us ever-so-closer to the sun and all that extra energy is just giving you the power to be a superhero?

Im back in my hometown in Ohio.  My trashy, trashy, TRASHY hometown.  Filled with people who still wear the “Snooki-Bump” (I know, tragic right?) and that mentality of men watch football and get fat and women pop out babies…because the bible says so.

But this time, instead of being brought down by it all, I’m going strong!  I know this place is a pitstop.  I know I am not one of these people.  I know, I will leave soon, and I KNOW I have learned things that I have not learned before.

I can feel the gears turning again.  Gears I thought had been shut down and rusted over for years now.  Gears I thought that would never turn again….but alas, they move! gears

So now its time!  its time to become that person that for the past year in Australia I kept telling myself I’d become one day.  BUT NO LONGER WILL I SAY WHEN, OR DO I HAVE THE ENERGY? 

Oh yes.   People get excited for your lives!  Get happy that you’re alive!  Get ready to live, because if we don’t live the lives we want….why are we alive?


Lets set the world on fire!

~ The Dark Horse


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