Lets Get Sassy….Or, Let The Monster Rise (For The Better)


Oh yes people, let your inner Scarlett O’Hara reign supreme while reading today’s post which is all about getting sassy with it.   Yesterday I wrote a little bit about dealing with mean people on Grindr but today I want to open it into a broader meaning.

Basically what I want to talk about is allowing yourself to not feel like the VICTIM of a situation when people around you treat you bad.

I have a horrible problem of allowing one mean person, or one negative event to destroy my whole day.  I just can’t stop beating myself up over it.   What could I have done better?  Why do people always hate me?  When will someone be on my side?  Why am I so different?…. and so on and so on.  Basically, that spiral continues until I’ve just trained my entire day and all I want to do is go to bed and pray tomorrow changes the way I feel…. BUT WHY? 

I am a strong person

I am a nice person

I am a hard worker

and most importantly, I don’t treat people that way.

So, it has logically come to my attention that I am indeed better than people who treat others badly. 

AND SO ARE ALL OF YOU!  Stop beating yourself up.  Stop allowing bad people and bad situations to ruin your day…or week! 



The way I’ve learned to deal with this, and it honestly makes me feel much better, is to just show them you’re above them.

In general, mean people will be petty people.  They will be shallow, self absorbed, and focus on things like how people look, how they talk, and who they know.  Or they will pull bitch moves like picking out tiny flaws in people, or alert everyone when someone makes a small mistake or does something wrong.

And, other weak petty people will gather behind them because they have someone else to point the finger at.  And there is nothing that a weak person loves more than having an easy way to be part of the “cool kids”.

So, what do you do?


Get Sassy.   


Thats right.  Fighting back with words or with violence is pointless.  You are above petty people.  And DEAR GOD DO NOT BY ANY MEANS LET A PETTY PERSON RUIN YOUR DAY 

The road to recovery is a rough and dirty one.  Especially for any of us dealing with depression, anxiety, or panic.   Life is hard enough…. why would you allow some dumbfuck to make it any harder?

And I’m not saying become a bitch yourself.  Being mean to random people is only gonna make other people lives harder… but YOU ALL KNOW when you’re dealing with someone who needs a bit of sass.  That person who is just…well… mean.

So, remember, when it seems like shit is falling apart all around you, or when it seems like you’ve been thrown to the wolves. Keep composed.   Keep calm, and get sassy


Keep Calm, Carry On

~ The Dark Horse

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